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Talks "continue" over banned Orange Order marches
THE Orange Order has maintained the banning of its marches in Glasgow was illegal and say talks with the authorities are ongoing. Ian McNeil, executive officer for the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, said negotiations are continuing over the prohi (More)
No illusion to Bibby's success
WHEN Elliot Bibby made history by becoming the first magician to perform at Glasgow's Barrowland Ballroom last weekend, it was the result of years of hard work. However, Bibby is keen to dispel misconceptions about his unusual profession. He said: (More)
Tartan Noir rewriting its own future
SCOTTISH crime fiction is a genre that sparks debate over its viability as a distinct form, and one that owes as much to American hard-boiled fiction as it does to classic Scottish literature. It has been called ‘ersatz’ by the man who supposedly (More)
Glasgow hosts largest Halloween event in the UK
THE UK’s biggest Halloween event welcomed 5,000 visitors to Glasgow on its opening night. Crowds flooded to Glasgow's Botanic Gardens on Saturday, October 26 for a family-friendly light and sound display. Light trails, talking pumpkins and acto (More)
Eat. Sleep. Podcast. Repeat.
You know how it goes – you wake up, get changed, and you stumble to the bus stop while listening to that stale, old playlist you have downloaded on your phone - you slowly cry to yourself as Despacito plays for the 12th time this week. It’s only Wedn (More)
Top Ten Tips to Self Care
By Kaitlin Easton We all have down days when life gets overwhelming, you’re burnt out and not really sure how to cope. Making your own self-care a priority is key when it comes to battling stress and anxiety. So here are ten tips to make you feel be (More)
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