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Kicking up a Storm with Taekwondo's up-and-coming Stars
Ailsa Harvey & Harry McArthur   Martial arts are a variety of different sports that contain codified systems of combat. Originating in Asia and particularly prominent in China, Korea and Japan, the sport was practised to teach self-def (More)
Grant Sheldon- Being a Professional Triathlete
PACE News caught up with Grant Sheldon to find out what it's like being a professional triathlete:     (More)
Ian Brown: Running Head First Into An Ultra Marathon
PACE News caught up with Ian Brown as he was about to embark on his first 'Ultra Marathon'. While a seasoned runner himself, this gruelling 57km endurance race was nothing like he had ever done before. Watch below to find out why he decided to test h (More)
Getting Scotland Rolling
Kyle Brown   Roller derby is a contact sport that originated out of America and now has roots worldwide. A typical ‘bout’ consists of two teams of up to 15, with 5 on the oval track at any given point – 1 ‘jammer’ (identified by a star on (More)
Vegan and Elite: An Interview with Grant Sheldon
Ailsa Harvey   Grant Sheldon is a 24-year-old professional triathlete from Hamilton, Scotland. Taking up the sport around 10 years ago, he has since podiumed at European and World Cups, as well as ranking 4thin Edmonton at the World Triath (More)
Shannon Scovel- An Ironwoman
Matthew Moffatt A swim, cycle and marathon run all combined into one event; the ultimate test of endurance and mental strength. With the Ironman World Championships just around the corner, USA athlete Shannon Scovel gave us an exclusive insight in (More)
Pat Tongue - Pushing his Body to the Extreme
Kyle Brown   For most runners, the 26.2 miles (42.2km) of a marathon is the pinnacle of running achievements. It takes months of hard work, dedications and sacrifice. But for a few extreme individuals, a marathon is only seen as a warm up. (More)
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