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The rise of the social media fitness influencer
A newfound interest in health and fitness has been on the rise since the growth in popularity of social media. With social media, a new job title ‘influencer’ has been introduced. One of the major ones being fitness influencer. A ‘fitness influ (More)
The Elephant in the Room: Women of Color Die at Higher Rates than Their White Counterparts
Black mothers in the UK are five times more likely to die from direct and indirect complications during childbirth than their white counterparts.  MBRRACE‐UK released its annual report in November 2018 on the UK and Ireland Confidential Enquiries (More)
Should you feel bad eating fast food?
There are some facts that seem self-explanatory – like fast food being bad for your health. Fast food has long been stigmatised, with correlation being drawn between eating it and gaining weight. [caption id="attachment_381" align="alignright" wid (More)
Deaths linked to vaping causes rift in UK health sector
UK vape users have been left wary of the reliability and effectiveness of the new age e-cigarette, following recent reports from the US regarding vaping related deaths. The United States’ Centres for Disease Control has reported a total of 18 deaths (More)
Tennis teacher learns how to play again
A TENNIS coach is learning to re-master the sport eight months after suffering a stroke. Graeme Soutar, 46, suffered the stroke in February this year, leaving him unable to walk, talk or eat. He spent 12 weeks in hospital and then began physiot (More)
Let's Talk Mental Health
    A topic sometimes considered taboo, mental health issues affect many of us in some shape or form. For men, the topic appears even (More)
Trust Jack Foundation set to open Jack's Hub
  Stonehouse’s first-ever mental health hub will be opening in January thanks to the Trust Jack Foundation (T (More)
Do You Like Me Now? - How Social Media Is Affecting Your Mental Health
In a society that bombards us with images of perfect lives, airbrushed bodies, Facetuned selfies and unachievable beauty standards, social media has awoken a beast within us that craves online validation.  As human beings, we desire acceptance and r (More)
Allergy Advice - Bridge of Allan
Two recent deaths have occurred from allergy related incidents from food purchased at Pret a Manger. Businesses across the town of Bridge (More)
Bohemian Rhapsody Review
"We’re four misfits that don’t belong together… We’re playing for other misfits. And the outcasts right in the back of the room, we’re pretty sure they don’t belong either. We belong to them.”   As mission statements go, this is a pr (More)
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