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From the Military to the Streets: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Using obstacles such as buildings and environmental structures, freerunning is not just a sport but a form of expression. Freerunners interact with these obstacles, performing various moves. These commonly include flipping a (More)
Motor Racing and its Future for the Disabled: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Motor racing has a variety of categories, including Formula, sports car, stock car, and off-road racing to name just a few. While each has their differences, the high speeds and competitive aspects of these adrenaline-packed (More)
Diving into Underwater Hockey: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Underwater hockey, also referred to as Octopush, is essentially a game of hockey played on the floor of a swimming pool. Two teams go head-to-head to move a move across the bottom of a pool with a hockey stick; the aim being (More)
Chess that Packs a Punch: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Chessboxing, as suggested by the name, combines two very contrasting pastimes in alternating rounds: chess and boxing. While the board game tests the athletes’ mental ability, the boxing tests the physical. The sport was (More)
Bowled Over by Boccia: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Boccia is one of only two Paralympic sports to not have a counterpart in the Olympics. A sport related to bowls, boccia sees athletes with severe physical disabilities taking part. In 1984 it was introduced to the Olympic Ga (More)
Surf Lifesaving and its Upcoming Events: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Surf Lifesaving is a competitive sport, which combines aspects from both surfing and lifeguard services. The skills required in this sport replicate those needed to save a life whilst also improving fitness and confidence. (More)
Get Your Skates On: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey Speed skating is a competitive form of ice skating which involves competitors racing on the ice. There are different distances to compete at: long track speed skating, short track speed skating and marathon speed skating. The standard (More)
Fencing and its Future: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Fencing, one of the first sports to ever appear in the Olympic Games, has three forms in the modern game. These forms include foil, épée and sabre and each uses a different kind of weapon. Competitive fencers usually special (More)
Women’s Football and its Aim for Equality: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Football, or soccer, is the largest growing sport being played by women around the globe, with major national and international competitions enabling female footballers to play at professional level. But how bumpy was the ro (More)
Down to Earth: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Falling through the sky from a plane, at an average speed of 120mph, skydiving is unsurprisingly considered an extreme sport. The sport involves freefalling; gradually accelerating to reach terminal velocity. A parachute is (More)
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