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Confidence can be a powerful force. It can give us the ability to take on the world, but when that confidence waivers, it can be completely debilitating. Everyone will go through phases when their inner strength is at a low, but it is import (More)
Box like a Boss
Boxing can look pretty intimidating –or even scary – if you have never trained before. You might think you don’t have the necessary skills or that you are not fit enough for it. Well, stop worrying! Because none of that matters at the UoS Amate (More)
Tennis originated in the 19th century England. It began to develop rapidly around the world in the 20th century. It is a graceful and competitive sport, and its unique charm has been loved by the world. Tennis and golf together are known as the “Ari (More)
Ready to go Madders for Badders?
Could you become a master of the shuttlecock? Do you want cat-like reflexes? Want to make friends for life? Badminton? More like Raveminton! The University of Stirling Badminton Club has started this year as it means to go on, raving. (More)
Women’s Football and its Aim for Equality: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Football, or soccer, is the largest growing sport being played by women around the globe, with major national and international competitions enabling female footballers to play at professional level. But how bumpy was the ro (More)
Project Pacific: The First Thousand
Ailsa Harvey   51-year-old Ben Lecomte has reached the 1,000 nautical mile mark in his bid to become the first person to swim across the Pacific Ocean. The Frenchman, who became the first swimmer to swim across the Atlantic Ocean withou (More)
Hop, Skip and Jump into Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   The triple jump is a track and field event, which has been covered in the More)
12 years of ICW
  Friday night is usually the night people go out to have a drink and a dance at some club they’ve been to too many times, repeating the same old night out as always. So what is there to do that’s a little different but still as exciting? I p (More)
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