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Jodie Collin-Ward - week 4 - excerpt from Harriet Jacob's 'Incidents in the life of a Slave Girl'
  The document selected here is an excerpt from Harriet Jacobs’s narrative; ‘Incidents in the life of a Slave Girl’ which was published by the white abolitionist L. Maria Child to which Jacobs took the pseudonym ‘Linda Brent’. It is a pri (More)
Samantha Foggo - Week 3 - Edward Long's Candid Reflections
The document on the ‘Candid reflections upon the judgement lately awarded by the Court of King's Bench in Westminster-Hall on what is commonly called the Negroe-cause / by a Planter’. A pamphlet written by Edward Long (1734 – 1813) in 1772, is a (More)
Neave Feeney's post on Ottobah Cugoano's autobiography
A portrait of Ottobah Cugoano in London A copy of Cugoano's Autobiography The source at hand is Ottoba (More)
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