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Adding a Twitter Feed to Your Blog
The sound is very quiet on this video, so you'll need to turn the volume up. (More)
The Brussels Bubble and the Holyrood Hub - Stirling Public Relations & Public Affairs Fieldtrips 2015
Brussels Uncovered: a private briefing for Stirling students in a European Parliament committee room Masters s (More)
St Andrews Field Trip
Students studying for the MSc Strategic Public Relations and Communication Management and the MSc in heritage and Conservation  at the University of Stirling had  a fieldtrip to St. Andrews on 10 April 2015 – a day at the Scottish seaside filled with (More)
Permanent Links
In the briefing notes for the blogging assignment I ask online students to keep a note of the permalink (permanent linkl) for any blog posts where they leave a comment.  So j (More)
Public Relations Review
Public Relations Review has a lot of articles about digital media and public relations in print at the moment.  These articles have not yet been officially published but you can access  them More)
Videos from Previous Years
Here's some videos that students taking the PR and Digital Media module have created in previous years. (More)
Resources for making a video
Full time students taking the Digital PR module  are required to make a video for part of the blogging assignment and those of you taking the online version might like to do so.  Here are some resources you might find useful Free Software Windows (More)
It's Complicated
It's Complicated: the social lives of networked teens, a book by dana boyd.  Available at all good bookshops or as a free download. dana boyd, a research (More)
WordPress Plugins
Updated for 2015 WordPress plugins are tools which offer additional functions and features to those available from the core WordPress platform.  They enable users to tailor their site to their speci (More)
The Business of Blogging
A collection of essays exploring the future of blogging for business. Edited by Stephen Waddington. (More)
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