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Refugees to Britain during the First World War

Over 1 million civilian Belgian refugees fled their country at the start of the First World War during the Germans invasion.

250,000 Belgians came to Britain, forming the largest (albeit temporary) migrant community in Britain of the 20th century.

We will look both at the impact of the First World War on migrants and refugees living in Britain in session 7 and at the experiences of Belgian refugees in a session next semester specifically on refugees.

Some of the key works on Belgian refugees in Britain are:

Cahalan, Peter, Belgian Refugee Relief in England during the Great War (London: Taylor and Francis, 1982)

Jenkinson, Jacqueline ed. Belgian Refugees in First World War Britain (London: Routledge, 2017)

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HISU9G7: Immigration to Britain c.1880s to 1980s

Immigrants arriving in London

This picture, entitled “Aliens arriving at Irongate Stairs”, was published in 1901. “Alien” was the official term for someone from outside Britain and the empire.
George R. Sims, Living London, vol.1 p.50 (1901-03)

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