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I am planning on doing my dissertation on the Civil Rights Movement in America.  I haven’t yet chose what aspect of the Civil Rights Movement that I am going to focus on yet but reading these sources gave me some ideas.

  1. Armstrong Dunbar, Erica. A Fragile Freedom: African American Women and Emancipation in the Antebellum City. Yale University Press, 2008. Yale Scholarship Online, 2013. doi: 10.12987/yale/9780300125917.001.0001.

This is a book which discusses the lives of various women in the north of America and their journey from enslavement to freedom in the decades right before the civil war. It also compares these women’s experiences with the experiences of women from other places in America such as New York. Many of these women take part in the antislavery movement and try to get involved in politics. It examines the ways in which these women fought for freedom. It is very interesting and well structured, making it easier to read.

2.Dierenfield, Bruce J. The Civil Rights Movement, Routledge, 2013. Vlebooks

This book is an online resource. It discusses the importance of the civil rights movement in America. Detailing segregation, the right to vote and economics in America during the civil rights movement. This is well organised and enjoyable to read, going into a lot of detail about the civil rights movement.

3.Bush Rod. “The Civil Rights Movement and the Continuing Struggle for the Redemption of America.” Social Justice30, no. 1 (91) (January 1, 2003): 42–66.

This is a secondary source which is available online on JSTOR. It discusses the Civil Rights Movement and the condition that America was in at that time in terms of socially and economically. It then goes on to talk about how hard America found seeking redemption after the events of the Civil Rights movement. This is particularly interesting as it provides information from just after the civil rights movement which provides further insight into the effects that the movement had on America and those who lived there afterwards.

4.Lawson, Steven F.. 2014. Running for Freedom : Civil Rights and Black Politics in America Since 1941. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated. Accessed February 6, 2021. ProQuest Ebook Central.

This is an e-book looking at the political side of the Civil Rights Movement in America and the fight for freedom. It discusses politics in America, particularly the struggles that African-Americans have faced in terms of politics in America from 1941 to 2014. This is useful as it covers a wide timeframe which means there is more evidence and examples to read up on.

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