Final reflection

The pandemic may have been an obvious obstacle during this semester, as it has for everyone. But the lack of face to face seminars or meetings has been difficult, as well as ‘everything’ we do is on a screen. It has been helpful for me to put my thoughts and notes on paper, and also hoarding books, rather than reading everything online. In other words; I really miss studying at the library.
The major focus this semester has been to develop my writing skills, and to become more coherent and concise in my writing. My strategy to improve is to continue to read historical writings, and also to recognise feedback given to my assignments, and adapt appropriately.

My plans are to continue to improve my writing and analysis skills so that I can produce a great quality dissertation. I plan to spend my summer researching my chosen topic and methodology needed to create the dissertation of my expectations. To read and analyse arguments made by different scholars concerning the witchcraft topic, and attempt to distinguish a gap in the literature that I can use for my dissertation.

Guidance by reading and picking apart other student’s work has been surprisingly helpful, and also working in groups to hear how other people think has been useful. The lack of reassurance that what I’m doing is correct has been slightly inconvenient, since we’re not able to meet face to face, and communication is restricted to online. Adapting to this has been challenging in some ways. I hope the circumstances of the pandemic can improve so that it is safe to return to campus for education purposes.

Also the reading list of this module has been very helpful!

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