Calum H. Introductory Post

Hello everyone, my name is Calum and I’m from a town called Stonehaven just south of Aberdeen. I’m currently thinking about writing my dissertation on the Russian Civil War; Russian history has always fascinated me and I have a keen interest in Trotsky’s civil war policies. I think everyone has found the move to online learning differently, personally I feel I am more confident speaking on an online meeting but could do with more experience in the class as I wish to be a secondary school teacher after I finish university.

I’m very much looking forward to getting started and getting to know everybody,


Introduction – Amy Anderson

Hello, my name is Amy. I come from a small place up in Moray called Speyside. I would love to do my fourth-year dissertation on the early Victorian monarchy, specifically focusing on the Prince Consort, Albert. I am excited to discuss potential routes to go down and explore different ideas with a supervisor. I am also intrigued to hear everyone else’s topics. Online learning has definitely been a new experience and one in which took a bit of getting used to. Nevertheless, by the end of Semester 5 online learning was becoming second-nature. I, like most people I imagine, miss university learning pre-Covid, but I am excited to get started with new the semester.


Introduction Post – Shane

Hello everyone, my name is Shane and I come from Greenock (near Glasgow). I am currently not certain on which topic I will undertake for my dissertation. However, I do have a few rough ideas for topic areas that I find interesting such as, feminism in the early 20th century (1900-1918), The First World War (1914-1918) and the Interwar Period (1918-1939). I have not entirely enjoyed online learning, I miss the face-to-face interactions on campus and it was difficult at first to maintain focus during seminars and lectures whilst having the distractions of my home life, however near the end of last semester I came to grips with our new way of living. Hopefully soon things will return to how they were before. Take care everyone.

Saffron Introduction Post


My name is Saffron and I’m from a small town near Newcastle in England so yes I’m a long way from home at the moment during this lockdown! For my dissertation, I would really love to a study on Mary, Queen of Scots. Either on how Mary is perceived in popular culture so looking at 20th/21st century representations or looking at gender and reputation around the time that Mary was alive. It would be interesting to look at how gender or reputation affected Mary’s life. Distance learning has been an experience, to begin with it was a lot to take in but I’ve been getting into the swing of it and I think it will be better this semester!


1: Introduction Post – Ross F

Hello all,

I am Ross and I’m originally from Fife. For a dissertation topic I’ve been really keen on doing something from the medieval period, probably around the time period of the High and Late Middle Ages. In particular, medieval Scotland either from the reign of Alexander II or the Second War of Independence as I feel these topics have been undeveloped and there is plenty of room for new research. However, I am certainly interest in other aspects or areas as well that have seen little attention. Hopefully the process is not too painful.

As I think was the same for many of us the pandemic and introduction of online learning was a shock to the system. It has been difficult at many points. Despite this slowly but surely, I have adapted to the new style and requirements for online learning, and I am optimistic that I, and everyone else, will meet this semester with confidence.

Introduction – Ben

Hi everyone, my name is Ben. I am from Dundee, which is on the East Coast of Scotland. I am interested in studying the Russian Empire for my dissertation, although I have yet to select a specific area to study.

Personally, I have had no problems with the online learning, as I used to watch lectures on listen again anyway, rather than go in to the campus.

Benjamin Davidson

3rd Year Student

Emily N introduction post

Hello, my name is Emily and I’m from a small village in East Lothian, just outside of Edinburgh. At the moment I am leaning towards writing my dissertation on an issue relating to race history. I was torn between writing on a race history topic and a gender one but the closure of archives and lack of online material for one of my ideas has pretty much made the decision for me! My experience with online learning has been very mixed! Some parts of it I am really enjoying and other parts of it I find very frustrating but towards the end of last semester I was starting to get into the swing of it so hopefully I will fall back into it again.

Introduction – Eilidh

Hi everyone 🙂

I’m Eilidh and I’m from a place called Balloch just outside of Glasgow. At the moment I’m torn between a dissertation based on environmental history or gender history but I’m hoping this module will help to make my choice easier!. I have found distance learning tricky at points and was always hopeful this semester would be different but fingers crossed everything starts to change for the better soon!

Hope everyone is safe and well, looking forward to meeting everyone 🙂