SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown: State of the union to be a key factor in Scotland

By Craig Stewart

The SNP’s campaign director Keith Brown was out on the streets of Alloa supporting SNP candidate for Ochil and South Perthshire John Nicolson, as he launched his election campaign.

The MSP for Clackmannanshire and Dunblane spoke of his role as campaign manager and the expectation to achieve a successful general election campaign come the polls in December.

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon and SNP Depute Leader, Keith Brown launched SNP John Nicolson’s election campaign with visit to a bakery owned by Syrian refugees. – Source: Emily Mackintonsh Twitter

“I’m very confident as the SNP’s campaign director that the SNP will do very well in that election, but I don’t think it necessarily solves the issues of Brexit”, Brown declared.

Nicolson hopes to take back the Westminster seat from Conservative Luke Graham who claimed the seat from SNP’s Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh with a majority of over 3,300 in 2017.

The tory MP currently holds the Ochil and South Perthshire seat and faces a strong challenge from the SNP’s Nicolson.

“I really don’t think anyone feels safe; it’s all incredibly open,” said Graham.

“It will be a street-by-street battle.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson started the Conservative’s election campaign with a visit to Scotland, while on a tour of a whisky distillery in Elgin, the PM told reporters.

“There is no case whatsoever (for a second referendum) because people were promised in 2014 that it would be a once-in-a-generation event and I see no reason why we should go back on that pledge.”

The Prime Minister and the Scottish Conservatives are targeting a pro-union stance in their election campaign in Scotland rather than concentrate on Brexit.

The SNP have heavily criticised Boris Johnson after leaked footage revealed the PM boasting about the ‘great deal’ Northern Ireland received within Boris’ rejected agreement with the EU.

West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine’s SNP candidate Fergus Mutch upon viewing the leaked footage proclaimed it was “beyond shameful”.

“He frankly makes a complete mockery of claims the UK is a partnership of equals.

On December 12, voters have the chance to send Boris Johnson a message and escape this Brexit fiasco once and for all”, stated Mutch.

In the last month, SNP and independence campaigning has intensified following ‘the biggest ever’ independence march through Edinburgh and an IndyRef2020 rally in Glasgow.

An estimated 200,000 attended the All Under One Banner (AUOB) pro-independence march in Edinburgh on the 5th of October and around 20,000 turned out at the George Square rally with Nicola Sturgeon addressing the crowds.

SNP MSP Keith Brown called the AUOB rally a “phenomenal achievement” and spoke of the march through Edinburgh as “the biggest ever march for independence in Scotland”.

Brown stated, “Last year of course there was much better weather than it was this year, so you saw a huge turnout both for the march and the rally afterwards in Holyrood Park, it was a hugely significant and very large march and I think that’s to the credit of everyone who organised it.”

Last week, polling carried out by Ipsos MORI was released, which found that half of respondents (50%) across Great Britain don’t expect the Union in its current form to exist in 10 years, up from 34% in 2014.

The Managing Director of Ipsos MORI Scotland Emily Gray said, “the findings will be concerning for those who want Scotland to remain in the Union, while those campaigning for an independent Scotland will hope that this is a continuing trend.”

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