Facebook reveal new tools to combat bullying and harassment

    Facebook’s new moderation features will help to tackle bullying on their site.

By Talia Evans

Facebook are introducing new “Comment Moderation, Reporting and Appeal tools” for users to combat bullying.

The social media giant aims to tackle harassment and bullying by allowing users to report and moderate how people interact with their posts.

The Global Head of Security shared the new tools in the Facebook newsroom stating that users will be able to hide or delete multiple comments at the same time. Facebook is also allowing users to report comments on behalf of others, so if users see their friends getting harassed or bullied, they can report this to Facebook.

Once comments have been reported, Facebook’s Community Operations team reviews the post and determine if it violates their standards.

The new appeal option will allow users who have had comments reported and taken down to request a second review of the comment. Similarly, if users have reported comments and they have not been taken down, those who reported them will have the opportunity to ask for another review of the comment.

Users will now also be able to report and block other users and their messages without them being notified to avoid further harassment from them.

The new tools are being added to desktop and Android Facebook first and will be available on iOS versions soon.

Facebook hope that the new features on offer will help people who face harassment and bullying and that it will make the platform a safer space for users.

“We know our job is never done when it comes to keeping people safe” they stated. Facebook intend to keep listening to user feedback to continue developing better tools and policies.

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