Top Ten Tips to Self Care

By Kaitlin Easton

We all have down days when life gets overwhelming, you’re burnt out and not really sure how to cope. Making your own self-care a priority is key when it comes to battling stress and anxiety. So here are ten tips to make you feel better.

  1. Workout

Working out releases endorphins into the body, significantly boosting your mood and making you feel better. The gym isn’t for everyone and going for a walk or taking part in some low-intensity exercise will still do the trick.


  1. Cook a meal from scratch

Cooking has been proven to relieve stress and depression, with some mental health professionals even prescribing it as a behavioural therapy. The sheer concentration of following a recipe can be meditative, with a feeling of accomplishment when you’re finished.


  1. Speak to a loved one

Talk to a friend or relative – sometimes just their voice will be enough to help you through. Speaking a problem aloud will also help to clarify it, sometimes it can be less overwhelming when you share it with someone.


  1. Write a plan

Whether it’s a study plan or a ten-year plan, writing down your goals makes you feel like you’ve got your life in order. Feeling organised and prepared will help to relieve your anxiety and create a sense of control.


  1. Sleep

Naps have been shown to reduce stress and increase productivity/creativity. Feeling anxious can tire out the body so take some time to recharge and rest.


  1. Read a book

Reading a novel is one of the best ways to relax and studies have found that even in a short period of time it can reduce stress levels by 68%. Getting lost in a life that isn’t your own can be calming and takes the focus off of your own problems.


  1. Treat yourself

If you’re having a down day – spoil yourself. Retail therapy always helps. Book in for a massage or as a cheaper alternative, buy some facemasks and have a relaxing night in.


  1. Listen to music

Music is a well-established stress buster so stick on your favourite album because listening to it will actually have a calming effect on your body and mind. Different types of music will help you relax in different situations. For example, slower soothing songs like Ed Sheeran can help you study.


  1. Pet Therapy

Being around animals is often therapeutic. They reduce your stress levels, relax you and even lower your blood pressure. If going home to see your pet isn’t an option, then try visiting the nearest pet shop. Or watch cute animal videos online because they’re guaranteed to cheer you up.


  1. Laugh

Spend some time with your funniest friend or watch your favourite comedian on Netflix. Laughing relieves tension in your body by relaxing your muscle so whether its Kevin Bridges, Joe Lycett or Donald Trump’s UN speech that gets you going, watch it because laughter is the best therapy.



Kaitlin Easton

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