Be a Light in Dark Places


The Volunteering Society leaves no stone unturned to raise funds for the charities in a unique way as possible. The campaingn organised by the Volunteering Society this Tuesday the “CAN-PAIGN” drive for the Start Up Stirling came up with the concept of 1 CAN donation.

Little by little, a little becomes A LOT

The campaign encouraged the students and staff at the University of Stirling to donate just 1 CAN each and donate as many food, gifts, clothes and toys as possible to help local communities across Stirling this Christmas! 15094872_1132929886803711_7218786762774799806_n The real message from the campaign was that a little help from each of us can create a big difference in the lives of the people who are struggling to live every second. The event was a huge success as we managed to SMASH last year’s target and donated an amazing food donations to Start Up Stirling!!!

The huge donations  poured in from the Stirling University International Society, the Stirling Law Society & the Stirling University Childreach Society. The combined efforts of the committee, volunteers and the contributions from the students, staff makes it possible for the campaigns to achieve targets and reach out to help the NGO’s.

12246699_887156861381016_845735647095522247_nBeing a member of the society I have been a part of lot of campaigns organised by the society like the cake sale, chocolate sale, clothes donations. Each has a unique way of collecting donations  where the donations leave a donor as well with a smile on their face along with making a difference in someone’s life. The campaigns are fun as we all work together and always give me a sense of satisfaction as I feel that I am making some contribution towards the society .

Here’s a short video which always inspires me, depicts how a small act of kindess can create a difference and make this world a better place for everyone.

If you  too want to contribute towards  bringing a change, come join us at #volsocstir. If you have any questions or need any further information, please email us at:


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