Take more chances, dance more dances

Credits: kirill_sokolovski, 2016

Credits: @kirill_sokolovski, 2016

I am in the middle of the atrium hall. My watch says it is 6:20, and I look around with confusion. Fortunately, this doesn’t last long, because my eyes immediately catch the flock of chatty girls in leggings  and with a stereo system.  This group of gentle beauties is waiting to lead confused newbies like me out from atrium to a dance class, where today’s introduction session will take place.

We left the atrium in the nasty rain. Fortunately, I am lucky and brought my umbrella with me. I immediately offer a place under my yellow “roof” to the closest girl I am following. She introduces herself as the vice-president of the dance club Olga Dubaniowska. My new friend originally came from Poland but has been in Stirling for four years. Olga has danced since she was three years old. However, she is not just one such an experienced person in this society. In addition, Olga is a teacher for a contemporary dance class. This is what I came for today.

 Little dance thing

As we are approaching the class, I listen to the fervent laughter, conversations, and nice music – the lively atmosphere of a good dance class.

After a short introduction speech from Tanya Bartholomew, another not less experienced teacher of the society, people nervously head to the walls of the hall to start the ballet session.

Tanya does not go into the details of ballet technique; it is just an introduction lesson today. The honing of the movements will begin next week. For now, she is just gently introducing us to a few graceful ballet positions.

After a short intermission, the classic gives way to modern dance. We are moving forward to lyrical and contemporary dance. Classical movements are modified into modern positions, but the dance still doesn’t lose its grace.

A good instructor is always able to pick a cool track that – after listening to – can still get you even more excited and motivated. Kayti is that very teacher. She turns on a good song and shows us a few dance moves. She links them together gradually, and at the end of the session, we are able to present the impressive dance like a real dance group. I am surprised at how fast she taught us the synchronous movements as if we had practiced for days instead of for 25 minutes.

Thank you, Dance!

Despite the fact that the sessions last only 25 minutes, I survived three out of five of them. The real, professional lessons for each dance style last twice as long, to give you time to work out the elements and technique. But today, that is not our priority.  In this evening, I feel totally satisfied. All my negative thoughts are gone, my problems forgotten. Thank you, dance! It looks like I found my hobby for the current semester. My first impressions of the society were reinforced by the presentation, which was waiting for me at my e-mail when I get home. From the PowerPoint, I learned that 2016 has already been quite successful for the society. Their contemporary group won second place at the EUMDS Dance Off and their hip-hop group won first place. In addition, girls won first and the second place at the LIMU Dance Competition. Such a success is impossible to ignore. Auditions for the competition groups take place each year, and there is still time to prepare for it. The Stirling University Dance Club works according to the following timetable:

Monday Wednesday Thursday
6 p.m. – 7 p.m. Ballet Hip-Hop Lyrical
7 p.m. – 8 p.m. Jazz Fitness and flex Contemporary
8 p.m. – 9 p.m. Technique

To become a member you need to buy three membership cards: gym (99.90£), sports union (25£), and dance (35£). To get more information, visit their Facebook or Twitter. Lots of pictures from the clubs’ performances and events are available on its Instagram. You can also contact the president of the club via e-mail.