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Strange fealties: the online literary magazine
Where does the magazine - and its forms, codes, public intimacies - fit into online literary culture?  Ian Macartney investigates via nine magazines More)
Future Issues: Event 3 Digest
Our third event, held 24 June, was entitled ‘Future Issues: Digitising Twentieth-Century Magazines’. This was a wide-ranging exploration of the why and how of digitising periodicals, including opportunities for co-production of digital resources wit (More)
Back Issues: Event 1 Digest
The launch issue of a magazine tends to flaunt its novelty, but the much-delayed  start to this project was focused more on backstory. The network’s first meeting (24 February 2021) began with a short talk by Patrick Collier, developing the themes o (More)
‘Moths in My Sporran’: From Scottish Journal to Scottish International
Sarah Leith investigates some mid-century satire on the 'tartan monster' In September 1952, a new periodical appeared on the Scottish literary scene, aiming to paint a ‘month by month picture of Scotland – our doings, thoughts, humours and asp (More)
Introducing the Scottish Magazines Network
Welcome! This introductory blog is really an expansion of the ‘About’ section, (More)
Mag Memories: A London Subscriber
Robin Kinross observes the 1970s scene from a friendly distance, with an expert eye on design and typography I have always lived in the south of England, though grew up in what I felt was a Scottish micro-environment. My parents were both Edin (More)
Mag Memories: John Herdman
John Herdman reflects on the social and political currents surging through Scottish magazines in the 1960s and 70s. This blog is a companion to our podcast interview with John (More)
Mag Memories: A Can of Worms and Chapman
Joy Hendry looks back on the long, storied and combative history of Chapman, 'Scotland's Quality Literary Magazine' More)
Mag Memories: Jenny Turner
Jenny Turner looks back on the wide orbit of 1980s Edinburgh Review, and its intersecting boys' clubs and girls' clubs In Justified Sinners (2002), Ross Bir (More)
'Mind that Magazine?' Event 2 Digest
The public launch of the network was held 12 May 2021, as an audience of 40 scholars, students and former editors gathered (online) to ‘Mind that Magazine’. We began with two special guests: Peter Kravitz and Glenda Norquay reflecting on the overlap (More)
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