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How do Students Balance Work and their University Studies?
By Alison Williamson Can students hold down a part-time job while working towards getting a degree. The Monument Post follows the team at AMF Bowling in Stirling and their student workforce who manage the balance between studying and earning a livi (More)
How a Chinese Mini-Market Survived in Stirling
By Huihua Nui David Wang, the owner of the Sun Wah Mini-Mart, moved to Stirling 15 years ago and opened the first Chinese mini-market in Stirling. The unique Chinese mini-market looked like having an advantage at the beginning, but in fact was full (More)
Garden Skateboards: From Edinburgh to national distribution
Garden Skateboards, launched in July of this year, is a skateboard company owned and operated from Edinburgh, Scotland. Backed by Converse Cons, their initial promo vid (More)
WATCH: Helping the homeless
As winter approaches rapidly, the elements become increasingly dangerous for Scotland's growing homeless population. Public sector organisations and charities are quickly becoming overcome and as a result private business owners are stepping in to (More)
Renting is on the rise - here's why...
Tenants are expected to become the majority in the housing market by 2039, due to soaring asking prices and unaffordable mortgages. Currently homeowners make up 65% of the housing market, but this number has been on a steady decline for years. (More)
Sainsbury’s Decision to Ban Fireworks Backed by Pet Owners
By Samantha Barr UK leading supermarket chain Sainsbury's announces it will not sell fireworks in any of its 2,300 stores. On 17 October, the UK supermarket chain announced it will not be selling any kind of fireworks this year, just 19 days befo (More)
Now the Perfect Time to Invest for Pizza Express
By Jason White Pizza Express have invested £93 million this year alone in order to the secure their ‘long term future.’ The popular high-street chain have invested the money into their FutureExpress model in order to restructure their restaurants (More)
Tesco lead UK Supermarkets into a New Way of Shopping
By Alison Williamson Tesco are set to become the first UK supermarket to trial a new scheme to cut down on plastic waste. The new scheme called Loop, a branch of the popular US Company Terracycle, aims to stop consumers producing any plastic wast (More)
Nicky Tams: Stirling's Oldest Pub
By Jason White Nicky Tams is Stirlings oldest pub. Opened independently in 1718, the pub currently remains independent despite the competition of branded pubs within the city. The pub currently has entertainment throughout the week including thei (More)
The battle with the benefit blues
Experiencing childhood abuse, a mental breakdown and several bouts of self-harm, Daniel* is no stranger to the harder side of life. After his mental health collapsed, benefits became the respite he needed to get his life back on track again. The 2 (More)
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