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Edinburgh: a tale of two cities
Hannah and I have spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of months (since the formal start of the project in May) looking at waste (and where it ends up) round about Stirling.  We'll be adding blog posts about some of this soon, but I thought (More)
WATCH: Another successful clothes swap at Sofis Bar in Leith
  https://youtu.be/clJrlsT58Y4 A pub chain in Edinburgh is going above and beyond to tackle the deluge of clothing that is sent to landfill. Sofi's bar in Leith holds clothes swaps every few months. These events ask for a donation of £5 (More)
Garden Skateboards: From Edinburgh to national distribution
Garden Skateboards, launched in July of this year, is a skateboard company owned and operated from Edinburgh, Scotland. Backed by Converse Cons, their initial promo vid (More)
Experience the Samhuinn Fire Festival as if you were there!
Following the article about this year's Samhuinn Fire Festival which took place in Edinburgh, Carlton Hill, here is a 360-degree video to immerse you in the event. Just click on the video with your mouse and move around to observe a different pers (More)
Halloween is off to a fiery start with Samhuinn Fire Festival
Edinburgh is preparing for the Celtic New Year ritual taking place on Calton Hill tonight at 7pm. The event, run by Beltane Fire Society, is returning to create a Halloween event that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. “As we turn to face the dark (More)
Leith community lags behind businesses in landfill crackdown
Edinburgh businesses are going above and beyond to battle unnecessary waste, but recycling habits at home must improve in pursuit of a greener capital. More)
It's Your Scotland Too: Meet the Englishman Joining the Fight for Scottish Independence
Images from Pixabay Interested in Scottish Independence? Unsure about getting involved because you're not Scottish, nor an SNP member? Read on! Challenging some common misconceptions about the Independence movem (More)
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