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Political Advertisements and Social Media: Can Propaganda be Stopped?
As the shadow of another General Election hangs over Britain, questions are still being asked about the safety of political advertising online. The presidential election and EU referendum in 2016 sent the political world in a spin. Now, three yea (More)
China calls out US meddling in Hong Kong
By Huihua Niu The U.S. Congress passed Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act without objection on 25 Wednesday, and will soon be handed over for consideration. Jeff Sagnip, a spokesman for Republican Congressman Chris Smith, said that Congress (More)
Baby Factory in Nigeria
By Huihua Nui On 19 September  the police in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria, received reports from residents. It is said that a lot of pregnant women were suddenly on the streets of an area. After receiving the case, the police conducted a (More)
US-China Trade War: What are the Effects?
By Huihua Nui On 11 October a temporary trade agreement was reached by the United States and China as both leaders’ faced increasing political pressure and growing economic worries in the country. The 15-month trade war has caused serious losses. (More)
SNP backs movement to Decriminalise Drug Usage in Scotland
By Alison Williamson The SNP and the UK government are split on a decision to make the possession of drugs legal. With drug-related deaths at an all-time high, specifically in Scotland, the SNP believe the time for a radical change in the law sho (More)
Timeline of Hong Kong Protests
By Huihua Nui How did the protests start? The problems leading up to the protests come from back in February when Hong Kong officially launched the amendments procedure of the Fugitive Offenders and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters (More)
SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown: State of the union to be a key factor in Scotland
By Craig Stewart The SNP’s campaign director Keith Brown was out on the streets of Alloa supporting SNP candidate for Ochil and South Perthshire John Nicolson, as he launched his election campaign. The MSP for Clackmannanshire and Dunblane spoke (More)
Brexit: Who knows what's happening financially?
There is a word currently being used by every person in the United Kingdom, and Europe. It is a word you cannot escape, and word that has taken over the news, pub chats, and almost every lecture hall across the western world. This word is Brexit.  (More)
After the “Acqua Alta” on Tuesday, Italy declares a state of emergency in Venice
This Thursday 14th November, the Italian government declared a state of emergency for the "Acqua Alta" that happened in Venice. The city has been hit by the worst flooding it has known in the last fifty-three years, the water having spread into churc (More)
California Under Fire
As firefighters in California begin to breathe a sigh of relief, they will continue to struggle extinguishing wildfires in years to come. An examination looking into the patterns of the most destructive fires is timely and necessary to find who is (More)
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