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The battle with the benefit blues
Experiencing childhood abuse, a mental breakdown and several bouts of self-harm, Daniel* is no stranger to the harder side of life. After his mental health collapsed, benefits became the respite he needed to get his life back on track again. The 2 (More)
University is not one size fits all
For some, attending university is the dream of a lifetime, and for others, it can almost kill you. Lara’s* mental health plummeted over four years at university and she wants to tell others why you should always trust you gut. Throughout her teena (More)
Instagram influencer: "you end up living a lie"
AN INSTAGRAM celebrity has exposed the reality of finding fame online, describing her life as becoming "a lie." Ella Ravenscroft, 21, is from Manchester and has been a fashion influencer on the photo-sharing app for three years. An occupation m (More)
Let's Talk Mental Health
    A topic sometimes considered taboo, mental health issues affect many of us in some shape or form. For men, the topic appears even (More)
Trust Jack Foundation set to open Jack's Hub
  Stonehouse’s first-ever mental health hub will be opening in January thanks to the Trust Jack Foundation (T (More)
Do You Like Me Now? - How Social Media Is Affecting Your Mental Health
In a society that bombards us with images of perfect lives, airbrushed bodies, Facetuned selfies and unachievable beauty standards, social media has awoken a beast within us that craves online validation.  As human beings, we desire acceptance and r (More)
The Buzz about Jade Walters
Jade Walters is a tattoo artist in Glasgow. Originally from Dumfries, Jade and her partner opened Sphynx Arts Tattoo Collective this year, bu (More)
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