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Brand responses to #BlackLivesMatter
The death of George Floyd sparked a global anti-racism movement. “Justice for George Floyd” quickly became the More)
How brands are building communities on TikTok
When Grunig referred to digital media as the “latest fad in public relations” in 2009, he may not have imagined that by (More)
PR in the time of Covid: how technology has kept the practice going
Back in March, the UK entered a period of lockdown in an attempt to stop the spread of Coronavirus. The public health crisis has not been easy on practitioners overall. The profession’s relatively strong job security has been shaken by announcemen (More)
Robo PR: are practitioner’s jobs at risk?
A recent guest blog by Eleonora Terzi on Wadds. (More)
Parler: the “non-biased” social media app gaining right-wing momentum
Parler, named after the French word meaning “to speak”, is a social media app that describes itself as a “non-biased free speech driven entity”. Shortly after its launch in 2018, it received More)
Social Media and the Spiral of Silence
The spiral of silence theorises that an individual will not discuss their opinion on a policy issue among friends and family, when they believe that this belief may leave them socially isolated. If their opinion is in line with the majority of the pu (More)
The Digital Divide
The internet continues to mean different things to different people, dependent on age, education, income, gender, health and social class. While 59 per cent of the global population, around 4.57 billion people, have access to the internet, this acces (More)
Did Opinion Leaders Cause Brexit?
The two-step flow theory of communications suggests that the media’s influence on the behaviour of the public is limited by opinion leaders. These are members of society who initially consume media content, interpret it considering their own beliefs (More)
Destination Marketing: The Future of Travel
Travel destinations across the world must compete in the global tourism industry in order to maintain their attractiveness. Destination authorities and national Governments must work together to promote a positive image of their location in a way tha (More)
Collective Intelligence in the Post-truth Era
“None of us can know everything; each of us knows something; and we can put the pieces together if we pool our resources and combine our skills.” In a world dominated by post-truth politics, these words by Henry Jenkins in his book, Convergence Cu (More)
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