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'Easier' open data about waste in Scotland
Objective Several organisations are doing a very good job of curating & publishing open (More)
We have a domain name for our waste data website
We have bought the domain name wastemattersscotland.org for the waste data website that we are developing. At the time of writing, https://wastemattersscotland.org is being redirected to our latest pr (More)
The Data Lab MSc data challenge event 2021
With Glasgow City hosting the UN Climate Change conference (COP26) later this year, it was appropriate that this year's The Data Lab data analy (More)
Stirling's bin collection data - revisited
Stirling Council set a precedent by being the first (and still only) Scottish local authority to have published open data about their bin collection of household waste. The council are currently working on increasing the fidelity of this dataset, (More)
Political Advertisements and Social Media: Can Propaganda be Stopped?
As the shadow of another General Election hangs over Britain, questions are still being asked about the safety of political advertising online. The presidential election and EU referendum in 2016 sent the political world in a spin. Now, three yea (More)
Garden Skateboards: From Edinburgh to national distribution
Garden Skateboards, launched in July of this year, is a skateboard company owned and operated from Edinburgh, Scotland. Backed by Converse Cons, their initial promo vid (More)
Forth Valley higher than national average for drug deaths
A recent seminar for Forth Valley, the catchment area that includes Stirling, Clackmannanshire, and Falkirk, showed that drug deaths were at an all time high, sitting at a total of 69 deaths for this area alone. Following the July publication of t (More)
WATCH: Helping the homeless
As winter approaches rapidly, the elements become increasingly dangerous for Scotland's growing homeless population. Public sector organisations and charities are quickly becoming overcome and as a result private business owners are stepping in to (More)
Brexit: Who knows what's happening financially?
There is a word currently being used by every person in the United Kingdom, and Europe. It is a word you cannot escape, and word that has taken over the news, pub chats, and almost every lecture hall across the western world. This word is Brexit.  (More)
A guided tour with a lot of heart
As tourism numbers continue to grow in Scotland it has become difficult for small businesses to stand out amongst the competition in the guided tour market. That’s when every experience counts and Owners of Heartland Travel, Nory and Louise Hope know (More)
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