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HISU9G5 Course Blog
Welcome to the course blog for module HISU9G5 To get you thinking about your own blog report I have added a blog here from the National Archives which I hope is of interest to you. Feel free to add any comments that you wish to make on this blog du (More)
“The English Mistery, the BUF, and the Dilemmas of British Fascism”, Stone
Stone’s article “The English Mistery, the BUF, and the Dilemmas of British Fascism” analyses Fascist groups in Britain, arguing that despite their failure, “the English Mistery shows that fascism was just as much a British movement as it was a contin (More)
M. Durham ‘Women and the British Union of Fascists. 1932-40 ch in K. Lunn and T. Kushner ed. The politics of marginality: race, the radical right and minorities in 20th Century Britain (1990) Pg 3-16.
Durham starts by noting that there has been a lot written on the British union of Fascists, but there has been very little written on the role of Women that were involved in the movement. He notes that the movement was very male orientated but women (More)
Nigel Copsey, 'Anti-Semitism and the Jewish community of Newcastle-upon-Tyne'
Copsey’s article, Anti-Semitism and the Jewish community of Newcastle-upon-Tyne provides a clear analysis on the extent of anti-Semitism in the North East of England, particularly with emphasise on the Tyneside area.  Copsey argues that North East di (More)
The British Union of Fascists’ policy in relation to Scotland- Tony Milligan
In the article, Milligan explains that Fascist organisation in Scotland in the 1930s was limited in both numbers and its spread across the country.Despite a similar situation in England of rising unemployment which led to a rise in support for fascis (More)
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