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HISU9G5 Course Blog
Welcome to the course blog for module HISU9G5 To get you thinking about your own blog report I have added a blog here from the National Archives which I hope is of interest to you. Feel free to add any comments that you wish to make on this blog du (More)
Session 3 - Annotated Bibliography - Amy Anderson
Primary Sources: "The Queen", The Northern Star, Saturday 12th October, 1839 Using the instruction provided for this session, this source was accessed via the Library Subject Guides and the 'British Library Newspapers 1600-1950' resource. This (More)
Terri Colpi 'The Scottish Italian Community' (1993)
Historian Terri Colpi specialises within British Italian community at the University of St Andrews. She has written several books on the Italian community migrating to Britain. This particular chapter focuses upon the Italian immigrants within Sco (More)
‘The Lithuanians’ by Murdoch Rodgers (1985)
In this article Rodgers discusses the push and pull factors which made Lithuanians emigrate to Britain but mainly Scotland. He identifies the various experiences that this group had in relation to employment, politics and social life as well as the s (More)
Harold Pollins, 'The Jews'
This article by Harold Pollins, as the name suggests focuses on the experiences of Jewish individuals within Britain, with a focus primarily on the years leading up to the First World War. Pollins was a renowned historian of Anglo-Jewish history.  (More)
"The Germans" Aronsfeld, C. C, 1985
This article was written by Author C.C Aronsfeld in 1985,  published within history today. He discusses from his own personal experiences, life as a European Jew, after being impacted by  Nazi Germany. The article describes what life was like for ind (More)
P. J. Waller, ‘The Chinese’.
‘The Chinese’ by P.J Waller was an article published in History Today in 1985. It describes in detail the role of Chinese immigrants who came to Britain post 1851. This article covers a range of topics from attitudes towards Chinese immigrants, the i (More)
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