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HISU9G5 Course Blog
Welcome to the course blog for module HISU9G5 To get you thinking about your own blog report I have added a blog here from the National Archives which I hope is of interest to you. Feel free to add any comments that you wish to make on this blog du (More)
Session Four - C. Holmes 'Anti Semitism in British Society, 1876-1939'
This book by Holmes, as suggested by the title, explores the experience of Jews in Britain at the end of the nineteenth century into the beginning of the twentieth century. The chapter 'Movements and Measures Against Jews' details the organised attac (More)
Jill Pellew- The Home Office and the Aliens Act, 1905
This blog post will discuss Jill Pellew’s article in the Historical Journal, ‘The Home Office and the Aliens act, 1905’. The article talks about how the 1905 Aliens act was brought about in Britain. Pellow suggests this was due to a number of reas (More)
"Importing Trachoma: The Introduction into Britain of American Ideas of an 'Immigrant Disease', 1892-1906" by Krista Maglen
“Importing Trachoma: The Introduction into Britain of American Ideas of an ‘Immigrant Disease’, 1892- 1906”, written by Krista Maglen primarily argues that trachoma became a significant discussion in the British political and medical scene, and playe (More)
A. Bashford and C. Gilchrist , 'The Colonial History of the 1905 Aliens Act'
Bashford and Gilchrist’s article, 'The Colonial History of the 1905 Aliens Act', is a well convincing article that fits into the course theme of government responses. Using large amounts of primary evidence, from legislation, it articulates the point (More)
Henry Maitles ‘Attitudes to Jewish Immigration in the West of Scotland to 1905’ Scottish Economic and Social History 15 (1995)
Maitles article is about Jewish immigration to the west of Scotland. It gives detail on many of the reasons that the Jewish community were harassed and bullied when they came here. The article also gives reasons as to why parliament brought in the al (More)
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