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HISU9G5 Course Blog
Welcome to the course blog for module HISU9G5 To get you thinking about your own blog report I have added a blog here from the National Archives which I hope is of interest to you. Feel free to add any comments that you wish to make on this blog du (More)
“Within Our Gates: A New Perspective on Germans in Glasgow During the First World War”, Ben Braber
“Within Our Gates: A New Perspective on Germans in Glasgow During the First World War” by Ben Braber analyses the treatment of Glasgow’s German community during the period of anti-German violence that occurred throughout Britain. Braber looks at w (More)
Caesar C. Aronsfeld, ‘Jewish Enemy Aliens in England During the First World War’
Aronsfeld writes about the treatment and experiences of Jewish people during the first world war. He details that German Jews living in England suffered during the war and were treated poorly. He notes that having a British citizenship did not protec (More)
S. Yarrow, ‘The impact of hostility on Germans in Britain’ 1914-1918
‘The impact of hostility on Germans in Britain 1914-18’ by S. Yarrow seeks to evaluate the effect of hostility on the German migrants in Britain in the war years of 1914 to 1918. Yarrow creates an unbiased and intriguing argument that centres on the (More)
Stefan Manz “Civillian Internment in Scotland during the First World War”. In ‘Totally un-English’?: Britain’s Internment of ‘Enemy Aliens’ in Two World Wars, edited by R. Dove.
This chapter takes a brief look at the German migrant community in Scotland before the First World War, before looking at how German and Austrian settlers were treated during the war, and looking at conditions in the central Scottish internment camp. (More)
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