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HISU9G5 Course Blog
Welcome to the course blog for module HISU9G5 To get you thinking about your own blog report I have added a blog here from the National Archives which I hope is of interest to you. Feel free to add any comments that you wish to make on this blog du (More)
Aviva Ben-Ur, ‘Identity Imperative: Ottoman Jews in Wartime and Interwar Britain'
‘Identity Imperative: Ottoman Jews in Wartime and Interwar Britain’ by Aviva Ben-Ur analyses Sephardic Jewish groups of immigrants that came from places from the Ottoman Empire such as Baghdad, Damascus, Istanbul, and Jerusalem. He does this by analy (More)
Kamal A. Chunchie of the Coloured Men's Institute: The man and the legend by Rozina Visram
This article by Rozina Visram provides an insight into the work of Pastor Kamal A. Chunchie and his work and support for the black and Asian community in East End London. With particular focus on the Coloured Men’s Institute (CMI), Visram outlines ho (More)
Herbert E Roese “Cardiff’s Norwegian Heritage A Reflected Theme”
This particular source focuses on Norwegian’s settling within Cardiff between the late 19th and 20th centuries. The Historian introduces the source by describing that within the 19th century Cardiff had been one of Britain’s three major ports besides (More)
Aliens, Migrants and maids; Public discourses on Irish immigration to Britain in 1937, Louise Ryan
Louise Ryan discuses two documents, both from the year 1937 including the Liverpool press, and an official report on the Irish Free State, to try and understand tensions between the governments, and local levels, of Irish free state citizens, as well (More)
'Middlesbrough's "Forgotten Japanese": the Japanese Community in Middlesbrough during the inter-way years' by Marie Conte-Helm
The focus of this blog post is an article titled ‘Middlesbrough’s “Forgotten Japanese”: the Japanese Community in Middlesbrough during the inter-war period’ by Marie Conte-Helm.   The article is well structured and has an aim of investigat (More)
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