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From the Military to the Streets: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Using obstacles such as buildings and environmental structures, freerunning is not just a sport but a form of expression. Freerunners interact with these obstacles, performing various moves. These commonly include flipping a (More)
Chess that Packs a Punch: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Chessboxing, as suggested by the name, combines two very contrasting pastimes in alternating rounds: chess and boxing. While the board game tests the athletes’ mental ability, the boxing tests the physical. The sport was (More)
Hop, Skip and Jump into Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   The triple jump is a track and field event, which has been covered in the More)
Taking the Leap: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   The extreme sport of BASE jumping derives from skydiving and involves jumping from fixed objects as opposed to jumping from a plane, high in the sky. This element makes the sport even more dangerous as there is less time to (More)
A Wheely Fast Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey Wheelchair racing is a Paralympic sport, open to athletes with any qualifying type of disability: this includes amputees, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy or partially sighted (when combined with another disability). There are (More)
Risky Rafting: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   White water rafting is a team sport, involving the navigation of an inflatable raft down the fast, white water of a river. The sport can include risky areas of white water, with different rivers graded with levels of difficu (More)
Skim through today's Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Skimboarding is a board sport which involves gliding along the water's surface while standing on a board. A skimboard is smaller than a surfboard and has no fins. In skimboarding competitions, competitors ride out towards (More)
Sport of the Day - Water Skiing
Ailsa Harvey   You may have encountered water skiing in its recreational form, but have you ever seen a water ski competition? Water skiing is a surface water sport involving an individual being pulled at high speeds behind a boat, whil (More)
Sport of the Day - Dressage
Ailsa Harvey   This equestrian sport involves the training of horses, to execute precise movements by using subtle signals from the rider. ‘Dressage’ is derived from the French word for ‘training’ and is loosely described as a “horse balle (More)
Sport of the Day - Sandboarding
Ailsa Harvey   Imagine snowboarding…on sand! Sandboarding is an extreme sport, very similar to snowboarding, minus one component; the snow. The sport involves riding down, or across, sand dunes whilst standing on a board. It is most popular i (More)
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