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Boxing: Fitness Outside The Box
Want to get fit but hate going to the gym? Want to play a sport but you're not really a team player? Dissertation’s got you wanting to punch something? Maybe you should consider joining the University of Stirling Boxing Club. We all know box (More)
Stirling University Men’s Hockey Club: Become part of the big hockey family!
source: creativecommons.org You play field hockey, want to give it a try or just become part of a great team? Then the hockey club could be just right for you. With 3 teams, our club offers a healthy mix between a good level of hockey and a more (More)
Get in the hole! Why you should give golf a shot
Welcome in Scotland! Scotland is also known as ‘the home of golf’ since it is the place where golf, as we know it today, first originated. What better place to give golf a shot?  Photo by More)
Surf Lifesaving and its Upcoming Events: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   Surf Lifesaving is a competitive sport, which combines aspects from both surfing and lifeguard services. The skills required in this sport replicate those needed to save a life whilst also improving fitness and confidence. (More)
Get Your Skates On: Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey Speed skating is a competitive form of ice skating which involves competitors racing on the ice. There are different distances to compete at: long track speed skating, short track speed skating and marathon speed skating. The standard (More)
Head to the Beach with Sport of the Day
Ailsa Harvey   In beach volleyball, two teams of two players aim to hit the ball over the net and to the ground, while keeping the ball inside the court. The sport is very similar to regular volleyball but is played on sand. Teams are a (More)
Come Along For A 'Volley' Ole Time!
At the University of Stirling, joining a sports club is about so much more than the love of the game. It’s about honing your skills, learning healthy habits, and making friends along the way! The University of Stirling Volleyball Club welcomes player (More)
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