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Brand responses to #BlackLivesMatter
The death of George Floyd sparked a global anti-racism movement. “Justice for George Floyd” quickly became the More)
Parler: the “non-biased” social media app gaining right-wing momentum
Parler, named after the French word meaning “to speak”, is a social media app that describes itself as a “non-biased free speech driven entity”. Shortly after its launch in 2018, it received More)
Digital PR and Politics: Part II
In my blog post entitled ‘Digital PR and Politics’ I discussed the way in which the internet and social media has ultimately changed how General Elections a (More)
Social Media and the Spiral of Silence
The spiral of silence theorises that an individual will not discuss their opinion on a policy issue among friends and family, when they believe that this belief may leave them socially isolated. If their opinion is in line with the majority of the pu (More)
Collective Intelligence in the Post-truth Era
“None of us can know everything; each of us knows something; and we can put the pieces together if we pool our resources and combine our skills.” In a world dominated by post-truth politics, these words by Henry Jenkins in his book, Convergence Cu (More)
Has Digital Media Really Changed the World of PR?
"As more broadcast and print media outlets develop an online presence, activities like pitching stories to reporters, developing and distributing press releases, and measurement and evaluation of media coverage, have been updated, optimized, or reinv (More)
The Twitter Revival
After half a decade on the downturn, the first quarter of 2020 saw a sudden surge of 166 million daily Twitter users as people across the world tried to keep up wi (More)
Twitter, blogs, and trust in the Durham scandal
Information is a crucial tool in the management of a pandemic.  Governments need quality information when forming public health strategies, medical workers use it to make appropriate decisions when providing healthcare, and the public need to know ho (More)
Are you sure you want to share that?
Earlier this month, Twitter announced a new feature on the platform: a prompt designed to encourage users to read articles before sharing them. The update came in the form of a Tweet that read: “Sharing an article can spark conversation, so you m (More)
Do You Like Me Now? - How Social Media Is Affecting Your Mental Health
In a society that bombards us with images of perfect lives, airbrushed bodies, Facetuned selfies and unachievable beauty standards, social media has awoken a beast within us that craves online validation.  As human beings, we desire acceptance and r (More)
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