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Ed's Stirling Adventure
The University of Stirling is a diverse and multicultural university with staff and students from across the globe. In the spirit of this internationalism, I wanted to attempt something a little bit out-with the typical sporting activity. I am not s (More)
Stats shed light on the truth at university
THE suicides of three Stirling University students has prompted calls for an urgent review of mental health support services. A spike in student suicides has led to growing concerns regarding waiting times and the reliability of the mental wellbei (More)
Get in the hole! 5 reasons why you should join the Stirling University Golf Club
Walk in the footsteps of golf professionals and join the club that may call themselves current European champions. In this blog, you discover what the Stirling University Golf Club can offer you! Photo by More)
Let's get political
The Stirling University Politics Society is a place for people who love the idea of putting the world up for discussion and exploring the left, right, up and down of politics. You don’t have to be the next Justin Trudeau or binge-watch parliamen (More)
Boxing: Fitness Outside The Box
Want to get fit but hate going to the gym? Want to play a sport but you're not really a team player? Dissertation’s got you wanting to punch something? Maybe you should consider joining the University of Stirling Boxing Club. We all know box (More)
It's Your Scotland Too: Meet the Englishman Joining the Fight for Scottish Independence
Images from Pixabay Interested in Scottish Independence? Unsure about getting involved because you're not Scottish, nor an SNP member? Read on! Challenging some common misconceptions about the Independence movem (More)
Stirling Just Got Sexy
Photo by Ava Sol on Uns (More)
Sex! And Other Business...
"It's really important to just try and be able to talk about sex. When we don't, we reach a society of ignorance"- Jess Reid, President of the Stirling Sexual Health and Education society Sexual education is one of the most important tasks of (More)
Box like a Boss
Boxing can look pretty intimidating –or even scary – if you have never trained before. You might think you don’t have the necessary skills or that you are not fit enough for it. Well, stop worrying! Because none of that matters at the UoS Amate (More)
Tennis originated in the 19th century England. It began to develop rapidly around the world in the 20th century. It is a graceful and competitive sport, and its unique charm has been loved by the world. Tennis and golf together are known as the “Ari (More)
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