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'Easier' open data about waste in Scotland
Objective Several organisations are doing a very good job of curating & publishing open (More)
We have a domain name for our waste data website
We have bought the domain name wastemattersscotland.org for the waste data website that we are developing. At the time of writing, https://wastemattersscotland.org is being redirected to our latest pr (More)
The Data Lab MSc data challenge event 2021
With Glasgow City hosting the UN Climate Change conference (COP26) later this year, it was appropriate that this year's The Data Lab data analy (More)
"How is waste in my area?" - a regional dashboard
Introduction Our aim in this piece of work is: to surface f (More)
Stirling's bin collection data - revisited
Stirling Council set a precedent by being the first (and still only) Scottish local authority to have published open data about their bin collection of household waste. The council are currently working on increasing the fidelity of this dataset, (More)
The prototype’s architecture - revised
"Trialling Wikibase for our data layer" described how we evaluated the use of Wikibase as a key implementation component in our bi-layer architec (More)
A mock-up website for functionality & navigation
Introduction A prototype website will be one of the outcomes o (More)
Waste sites and the quantities of incoming materials
The dataset SEPA publish a "Site returns" dataset (accessible via their Waste sites and capacity tool) that says…​ how many tonn (More)
How I chanced on Longannet in the data
I’ve added a "Household vs business waste" time-series to our map-oriented webapp from last week. The business data was parsed from SEPA’s More)
Waste quantities through time, on a map
Preface Shortly before the end of 2020, I attended the More)
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