Marina Stuns Crowd With Leaked Single

By Ryan Louch

Welsh singer-songwriter Marina Diamondis, formerly known as Marina & The Diamonds, played a sold out show at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall on Monday Night.

The singer is out promoting her latest album, released this year, Love + Fear and just like the album, the set is split into two parts.

Marina performed new and old hits, including Oh No! and Primadonna but one track that no one was expecting was, I’m Not Hungry Anymore; a track that didn’t make the cut for her 2014 release Froot.

The track was teased on Instagram a few months prior to Froot’s release but when the track list was announced it was nowhere to be seen, but earlier this year the track re-surfaced online and has become a fan favourite.

The songs premise is one about moving on after heartbreak and finding yourself again after feeling hurt for so long, a sentiment that most of us can relate to.

Marina has seen this leak as more of an opportunity rather than a failed track.

She said, “This song leaked a while ago and I’m thankful that it did because it means I get to perform it live.”



One artist who constantly gets heckled about one of her leaked tracks, Taxi, is Charli XCX.

This track was intended for her scrapped third album, before the one that she released this year.

Often performing this song live before the leak, it is no longer on her set lists, a move which has left her fans a little disappointed.

Today, she is still asked to play Taxi at every show, and even though she’ll banter with the crowd about it, she won’t play the track.

Maybe one day, she will play it again but for now, it’s stuck on the download section of every fans phone.


Defining Moment

I’m Not Hungry Anymore was the moment of the night and it shows Marina at her best.

A throwback to her earlier days, the writing is honest and reliable and shows how she can connect to an audience with just her and her keyboard.


A move forward?

Leaked tracks can diminish an artist’s work ethic but in Marina’s case it’s empowered her, while managing to satisfy her fans.

This might start a change in the way that artists see their work when it’s leaked but for now, this is an excellent step in the right direction.

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