Young Stirling Entrepreneur claims to be making ‘More in a Day than she Made in a Week.’

By Natasha Cameron

A young entrepreneur has used social media to promote her part-time business and make ‘more in one day than she has done previously in a week.’

Fheirn Gibson, a recent Politics graduate from the University of Stirling, is one of the many to take a leap into the unknown and start their own business through social media when she began planning, what would become know as ‘Blush,’ a year before her graduation.

The popular clothing brand was launched in September 2019 and is currently a one-woman team; reliant on ‘organisation and thorough planning,’ but Fheirn has warned anyone who wants to try their hand at an independent business to have everything planned out because it’s ‘not easy when you’ve started.’

She has also warned of other small businesses using bulk buying, where you get products at a discount for buying more, to take advantage of their customers through charging ‘far more’ for products than they are actually worth and has questioned how businesses can do it as it ‘simply unfair.’

One way the brand has been able to gain advantage and let Fheirn make ‘more in a day than in a week,’ is by understanding her cilents, which she believes is highly important.

She shows this from residing in the desired demographics of her customers and from genuinely loving her products and she has said ‘if anyone can follow these simple rules, they are firmly on their way to running a successful business.’

Another way Blush has been able to take advantage is through commercial income, which has been a huge generating factor for retailers and has become common for suppliers to pay for their products to be promoted in store.

This method has been used in larger chains such as ASDA and Tesco where it has also become common for online retailers to pay to promote their products in store and on their websites.

Fheirn uses this method through her social media accounts, with several posts on her online business being images promoting her products with customers who bought the product, who are then modelling it.

Using this step has allowed Fheirn to showcase the unique selling point of her brand as well as highlight customer importance.

“A lot of them (posts) are customer photos… one of the influencers that I sent it to… then a lot of them I made myself.

I know I’m doing better than I probably would be working in a full-time job”.

Gibson promoting her products from her business Instagram and Facebook account. -Source: Fheirn Gibson Facebook and Instagram


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