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Digital marketing has developed at an outstanding rate over the past few years, and it is easy to see why. The introduction of social media has meant that all organisations, especially those who have a smaller or non-existent marketing and PR budget, can get their brand ‘out there’ for the whole world to see.

Going viral has never been easier!

With platforms like TikTok and pages such as LadBible redefining what entertainment means on social media, and making it super easy for posts, videos, and comments to go viral, anyone and everyone can have their five minutes of fame.

But, is this really such a good thing? At PRooze we will be talking about the pitfalls of digital media, what to avoid, and what you can do to stand apart from the crowd so that you don’t get lost in the online social media noise.

Journalists are constantly searcing for the next big thing!

Jessica Lawlor, features editor at Muck Rack suggests that whilst social media gives your story or releases the global push that it needs, stories are not lasting anywhere near as long as they used to. This means that “journalists are constantly searching for the next big thing and PR pros need to keep up with their turnaround time,” which is ridiculously fast.

Shorter lifespans means that stories have the capacity to create engaging content

On the other hand, 5WPR argues that although the turnaround times are quick, customer and client engagement has increased tenfold.

Throughout our posts we’ll be exploring in more depth the murky and vast playground that is digital media, bringing to you advice and tips on how PR pros can utilise technology in practice to benefit organisations.


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