This is the front page of your portfolio website. This page should include a short introduction about yourself and it is an opportunity to provide guidance to anyone who comes to look at your portfolio.

The blog area is an ideal place to keep and build up your learning log entries that will help to build your CPD record. You could use it to record the ‘What did I learn?’ records that you have been given in your classes so far this semester. The ePortfolio page is where you will need to collect all the different elements of your assessment on HRMP011, and the CV page allows you to build up the information you can use in a job application.

Don’t forget. The pages on this site can be used to show and record different types of media in addition to text content. You will need to add different sorts of media files to build up your ePortfolio assessment.

If you would like to see how this template could be you can view an example portfolio that has been created by a Learning Technologist at the university.