The Scotia Scoop

The Scotia Scoop is a student-run online news source, from students at The University of Stirling. At The Scotia Scoop, journalists apply a progressive lens to the news, where everyone is welcome, no matter their race, identity, or religious beliefs. Our journalists’ core belief is: the news should be relevant, informative, and most importantly hold those in power accountable. This dedicated group of student journalists travel the country to bring the news to the students of Stirling.

At The Scoop, we take pride in the diversity of our journalists. It is this diversity that sets us apart from other news sites. Our varied experiences and skills are our greatest strength, with reporters stemming from North America and the EU, as well as reporters from within the UK.

At The Scotia Scoop, we know that keeping up with current events can be a full-time job. Sit back and let our journalists bring the stories that matter to you, in a fast, easy to use site. Whether you are looking to keep up with local events, find out what shows played in town, or find out what is going on with international politics. The Scotia Scoop has it covered. 

The Scoop’s aim is to embrace the technological advances that have made it easier to bring breaking news to your screen. While we do use traditional methods, we aim to embrace new methods of news telling such as mobile journalism. Our journalists will bring you stories right from the source, on the ground and raw.

The stories we cover will keep you on top of anything from local issues and beyond. We are a news site that wants you to read past the headlines, we’ve done the research and bring you exactly what you want you to read: the complete story. No frills, no fuss. 

Meet the Team

Photo: Michael P. Hall

Maya Reid – Editor

I am a Canadian international student coming to the University of Stirling from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario where I am pursuing my Bachelor of Journalism degree with a minor in Film Studies. I enjoy reporting on health and wellness, sports, international affairs and culture.

My interest in journalism comes from my interest in people and their stories. Everyone has a story, big or small, and I like to hear them. So far, I have been published by Carleton’s school paper The Charlatan and I currently host a radio show with The University of Stirling radio station, Air3 Radio on Saturdays. 

In my free time, enjoy anything to do with fitness, books, movies, and drinking more coffee than needed in a human body. I love winter and everything that comes with it: the cold, snow, ice, skiing, skating, hot chocolate, the holiday season, I could list stuff all day. Now, I spend my days exploring Scotland, going on hikes, and experiencing the world around me.

Rose Muy-Sanchez – Reporter & Photographer

I am a first-generation Latin-American student working on two Bachelors degrees, one in Public Relations/Advertising and the other in Theatre Arts; I have also recently picked up a minor in Photography. During my time at university, I have gained a wide skill set that fully supports my passion: finding the heart of a story. Whether it is finding what will sell your product or finding a way to convey emotions on stage, at the end of the day my passion is telling stories an audience will connect to. 

In my free time, I enjoy reading books by the likes of Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Crichton. I spend way too much time listening to true crime podcasts, and have adopted the motto “Stay sexy and don’t get murdered.”

Heather Graham – Reporter

I’m one of the most inquisitive and persistent people I know, so journalism seemed like a natural fit to those around me, even before I knew myself.

Between balancing two jobs and university there’s not much time for anything else but I make sure to go travelling whenever I can, wherever I can.

I’m very interested in feature writing and profiles. The news and how we react to it is a collective experience and interactive blogs like this are a great way of demonstrating that.

Additionally, I’m quite hands-on with my work and like to be away from the desk as much as possible, as I believe on the ground research translates better to the reader. 

So far, I have been published in The Daily Record, The Oban Times and Glasgow Live and I’m proud to add our home-grown project, Scotia Scoop, to that list. Watch this space!

Cairn Louden – Reporter 

I always knew I wanted a job in media, I just couldn’t quite find my place. After four years at university, I can finally see my career blossoming as a journalist. 

I am a dedicated introvert who loves to read and relax in nature. Equally, I thrive on hunting for interesting stories through chatting with people on the daily. In my spare time, I watch arty or trashy films and write lyrics and poetry. I find I mince my words a lot, so writing is an opportunity for me to have my best voice heard. 

I have done a fair bit of travelling and intend to see much more of the world. I love food, and work as a chef, so discovering new cuisines is a passion of mine.

Pierre Engelhard – Reporter & Graphic Designer

I think that the digitalisation of the news media industry is very exciting as it is redefining the required skills of a journalist and I am fascinated by how arising technologies are shaping traditional media. Generally speaking, I’ve always been interested in the potential of the media and communication industry, which is why I decided to do a joint-honours degree in Film and Media and Journalism at the University of Stirling.

Besides my classes, I work part-time as a French translator for a video game company in Glasgow and I am a volunteer graphic designer for a charity. I am very much into digital media and design and I am keeping myself busy with way too many online courses about these topics.

Ultimately, being a journalism student helped me to develop an interest in other topics than the ones you can find in the Art & Culture section of a newspaper and improved my written English. 

Leon Gibb – Reporter & Social Media

Writing and the media world has always been something of an interest for me, so when it came to signing up for university, jumping in with a dual Journalism and Film and Media degree seemed like it was a match made in heaven.

I tend to focus heavily on topics that revolve around culture and societal writing – subcultures and the arts are a definite passion but I try not to let me hold that back. I believe that covering as wide a variety of topics as possible can only help improve my writing skills and journalistic sense. 

Outside of university work I enjoy spending my free time -slowly- improving at photography, reading, discovering new music, attending galleries, and watching bad films until my brain feels like it is melting.