Marxism, Liberalism and Feminism

Time to discuss two different forms of feminism and their views.

Marxist Feminism:

In basic terms, marxism is the political theory that argues income inequality is caused by capitalism and the bourgeoisie taking control over all means of productions.

For Marxist Feminists, they argued that women were among the first section of society to be at a disadvantage. This is because of the powerful role men would have within society, and essentially took control over all means of production which meant women had no way to gain financial independence.

Furthermore, they disagree with the idea of Four Waves of Feminism as mentioned in my previous blog post. Marxist Feminists argue there is only two waves of feminism (Kabasakal Art Z. 2015 p.677). They believe in the first wave and its accuracy, for example the suffragettes and voting rights. However, they see the second wave as the final and argues that instead of all women gaining equality, it is only the needs of white women that have been achieved in both of the waves.

Liberal Feminism:

“Human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” Liberalism stands strong on this argument, all humans are born equal. For many political theories, the role of women is determined by her reproductive and caring role within society, and so, put emphasis on male dominated workplaces and home life. However, for Liberal feminists this is far from the case. Liberal Feminists completely object to the reduction of women within society due to their reproductive “role”. They see everyone is being as rational humans, this including women, and so should be given the same treatment and opportunities as their male counterparts (Kabasakal Art Z 2015 p.676).


One question must be posed however, is this occurring in the 21st Century?

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