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Welcome to the Blog for HISU9X6

Please use this blog to post your responses to lecture and readings, your plans for your dissertations and any useful information that you would like to share with your supervisors and peers. I will read these and invite comments or comment myself if appropriate. It is a good way to try out ideas and get responses before having formal feedback from tutors.

First of all, please introduce yourself: Tell us where you are from, what sort of history or heritage dissertation you are currently thinking of doing and how you’ve been coping with your degree, given the interruptions we’ve all had?

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Andrej and I am from the Czech Republic. I made it to the second half of the third year fairly without problems. I really liked last semester hybrid style of modules. If I could not attend my seminar for some reason, I could just pop up the next day on an online seminar, it was good. However, I appreciate that we are going (almost) fully face to face now.
    For my dissertation, I am interested in the logistics of European armies in the 17-19th century (so far it is a very broad research topic). Alternatively, I was also thinking about researching how lower nobility gained and lost power in the early modern period.

    1. Thanks Andrej- I really think this module is hard to do online – having tried it last year – much better for us to share our ideas in a class

  2. Hello,

    My name is Megan and I am from Edinburgh. I really enjoyed last semester in terms of having the option to choose face to face teaching or online especially with travelling. I am thinking of doing something related to people in Britain in the 18th – 19th century for my dissertation but not entirely sure of what area to study. Whether it will be about black people in Britain or women in Britain during these time periods I have still not really decided yet. Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to being back on campus!

  3. Hi,
    I’m Stuart and I currently live in Edinburgh though I’m from Fife. For my dissertation I’m thinking of looking at the impact of the Viking age on the East of Scotland and the communities there, or looking into how Gaelic culture and influences eventually pushed out the Pictish culture in Scotland and where that culture might still be seen after. Very broad but they are areas that I am interested in currently.

  4. Hello,
    I’m Louise and I am from Falkirk. Although distance learning was challenging at first I am actually enjoying it more than face to face learning as it allows for much more flexability in where and when I complete my work.
    Currently, I am thinking of writing my dissertation on Viking settlement in Greenland or something based on Titanic and it’s treatment of social classes.

    1. Hi Louise – thank you for you intro
      Having taught this module online last year, I have to say it was very tricky, as we really benefit from hearing from each other and discussion at this stage – it was a lot more successful in 2019-20 when we all in the classroom!
      The lectures, blog and online discussions will be asynchronous, of course, but F2F seminars will really help, I feel

  5. Hello,
    My name is Jenny and I’m from Livingston. Although I enjoyed the online classes as it was easier not having to travel to Stirling, I’m looking forward to being back on campus this semester. For my dissertation, I have been considering looking at something along the lines of the influence Irish communities had in Scotland in the later 18th Century.

  6. Hi! My name is Rachel and I am from Stonehaven. I have found online learning quite challenging as I felt everyone was less engaged and I found it difficult to feel comfortable voicing my opinions as I did not get the chance to get to know my course-mates.
    I am hoping to write my dissertation in some relation to the topic of the romanticism of Scotland’s history through the use of literature etc.

  7. Hi, my name is Colleen, and I am from Glasgow. I have enjoyed the online classes and will continue to do so. For my dissertation, I will go with how Scotland has changed over the last 30 years or the role of women in the Crusade or something to do with WWII. Not 100% decided on the topic I want to write about

  8. Hi,

    My name is jack and I am from Edinburgh. I have found online learning to be okay, however I found it harder to fully engage as I much prefer being in person. For my dissertation I am thinking about the topic of viking expansion or the influences which they have left on Scotland and its culture/heritage.

  9. Hello all,

    My name is Kim, and I’m from Aberdeen. Online learning has been quite the adventure, and it’s been alright to deal with, but I’m looking forward to remaining in person for seminars as I find it much easier to engage vocally with others in that sense.
    For my dissertation, I would like to look at the development of the LGBTQ+ community in Britain across the last 50 years; however, I am still open to that topic changing.

  10. Hi all,

    My name is Craig and I’m from the Orkney Isles. Remote learning was a very different experience than what I was used to, and it had its challenges but also had its own benefits. I enjoyed being able to join from home, using my own set of home resources, but I very much missed the atmosphere of being in person, and felt like I was losing out a lot by medium of a screen.

    I intend to write my dissertation on how our cultural heritage is represented in Scottish museums. Over the first part of this module I want to specify this topic to a specific part of cultural heritage (e.g. The Vikings), but currently I am unsure as to which.

  11. Hi, I’m Andrew and I’m from Dingwall in the Scottish Highlands. Online learning was pretty challenging for me although the hybrid sessions from last semester allowed for a good balance between the flexibility of online learning and the engagement of in-person learning.

    I have a few, very different, ideas for my dissertation topic. I’ve been thinking of writing about either: the Fall of the Mongol Empire after Kublai Khan; the Viking Colonisation and Settlement of the North Atlantic; or looking at the Influence of the Slave Trade on Precolonial West Africa. However, I am not completely sure about which topic to choose.

  12. Hi, I’m Erica and I’m from Orkney. I didn’t mind distance learning too much, but definitely prefer the classroom environment because I find it way easier to focus and participate in in-person classes. I have preferred lecture materials being online though so that you can access them whenever you want.

    I’m hoping to do my dissertation on something relating to Africa, possibly in relation to colonisation/scramble for Africa – but still unsure of the specifics.

  13. Hi everyone,

    I’m Lucy and I’m from Fife. I have found online learning a challenge as I much prefer face-to-face learning and the atmosphere of being in a classroom. I’m looking forward to being back on campus.
    For my dissertation topic I am unsure at the moment on the specifics of the question and the direction I want to take my research but I am interested in Henry VIII and the House of Tudor and hope to focus my research topic there

  14. Hi Everyone, my name is Kirsty and I am from Glasgow. As I commute I found the mix of online and face-to-face learning helpful, although like others have said I found it difficult to keep engaged in online classes as I was very easily distracted or found I wouldn’t participate as much in discussions.

    For my dissertation topic I was thinking of doing something related to Women’s Suffrage and WW1, either focussing this on Scotland specifically or the UK as a whole, I haven’t come to a definite decision yet.

  15. Hi, I’m Nathan and I’m from Kilmarnock. I’ve been coping relatively well with the degree in light of the ongoing pandemic, the reading isn’t particularly enjoyable online, I’d say it makes it more difficult and time consuming to get through the course material and would prefer to have physical material where possible. I’ve got a few ideas for my history dissertation, but they all relate to Britain in the early-mid 20th century in some form, with a particular interest on the decline of the British Empire, how it was overtaken by America, how it attempted to retain its status and its place in the world as a result.

  16. Hi, I’m Will and I’m from Edinburgh. For me, distance learning has been a little more difficult comapred to inperson seminars. i think i found it easier to concentrate and understand the topic when it was explained in person.
    For my dissertation I was thinking about doing the reasons for and how britains military power grew and develped during the 19th century.

  17. hello, I am Sarah I am from a little town called Clackmannan, just outside Stirling. For me I have found it a little difficult working from home as I prefer face to face interactions with my tutors and peers as I find that I take in the information better, plus less distractions. I am studying Scottish history and I do have some sort of plan for my desertion regarding the poor law and the work houses within Scotland and making comparisons with England.

  18. Hi there, my name’s Sandy and I’m from a small village in East Ayrshire called Dalmellington. Honestly I’ve not found online learning to my liking in the slightest, the convenience benefits have far been outweighed by the drawbacks. In person I think I learn more, am more engaged and overall I feel less isolated. I have a few vague ideas on what I want to do for my dissertation but I was hoping doing this module things would become more clear.

  19. Hi I’m Sarah, I am from Aberdeenshire. I have preferred face to face teaching in the last semester much more than online. I feel that while I was studying at home I would get too distracted, so being back on campus and in the library has been much better for my focus. Also face to face teaching really helped me to feel more involved in the discussions. One topic that I am really interested is museums and I’m planning to write my dissertation around the study of museums, although I am not completely certain that this will be my final decision.

  20. Hi I’m Ben, I’m from Doune a village just a ten minute drive away from campus. I coped well with the distanced online learning over the last year and a bit although I did miss being in a classroom with other people for the seminars. I am very interested in how modern perceptions of historical events impact how they are portrayed in
    both popular culture, be this films, tv series, books and video games and news. I would like to write a dissertation involving this phenomenon either focusing on the Vikings and their portrayal in today’s pop culture or the representation of the native Americans and early western settlers in news media and films from the 1950s-1970s

  21. Hi I’m Alys from Strathaven (South Lanarkshire). I’ve found learning online less engaging as in person, but have experienced the benefits of having everything so easily accessible. That being said i concentrate much better working in the library than at home due to a big family and lots of noise. For my dissertation topic i am still undecided but i am interested in the direct link between black lives matter movement in the current day to America’s past as well as how did certain presidencies shape the US current narrative, im also particularly interested in the recent history of scottish independence and why history has allowed it to remain a prevalent theme today

  22. Hi there, I’m Dj and I’m from a small village in the northwest highlands called Lochiver. I’ve just returned from a semester of absense after certain pandemic related stresses, i’m excited to get back into studying. In terms of teaching styles since everyone is commenting i’m more mixed, certain aspects are better just from an anxiety point of view, but I enjoy face to face seminars to get into the flow of the work if that makes sense.

    I’m hoping to do my diss on Urban history, focusing on Glasgow and the development of its urban landscape, perhaps on the post war reshapping of the city.

  23. Hi, I’m William, I live in Burntisland in Fife just across the Forth from Edinburgh. Overall I’ve had little difficulty with online learning, which at present I’m continuing with, due to my health. My history dissertation will probably be focused on military history, although as of yet I still need to pick a specific time period.

  24. Hi, I am Laura. I live in the French-speaking part of Belgium. Online learning has been quite difficult but is getting easier and easier to manage, even though I am happy that face to face teaching started again this year.
    My history dissertation will probably examine the aftermaths of Napoleon’s reign but I do not have a specific subject yet.

  25. Hi! I’m Joseph and I’m from North Lanarkshire. I was basically back to face-to-face teaching last semester and it was a nice change back to normality. Face-to-face teaching makes everything work way smoother. I’ve changed my choice of dissertation a million times so far tho I think I’ve settled on something related to Catherine the Great and her many contradictions.

  26. Hello, I’m John. I live in Denny, Stirlingshire. As a mature student, I enjoyed the relaxed pace of online learning. I’m now a boring old f***, and I don’t crave too much excitement. I was thinking of researching a Viking-based theme for my dissertation, but alas! checking these posts; it looks like I was not the only one who enjoyed the module. ‘The Long Nineteenth Century’ also captured my imagination, e.g. Garibaldi was a colourful character, ‘some man for one man’, as they say in the vernacular. So many themes and digressions are conceivable based on his life story.

  27. Hey everyone, I’m Thomas and I’m from Edinburgh. I actually quite enjoyed distance learning as it meant it was slightly easier to manage my time, but as we approach our more important pieces of work it’s good to be back in classes. For my dissertation I’m interested in a couple of things but currently im attracted to the idea of studying nationalism within the home countries of empires, IE Turkish nationalism in the Ottoman Empire or English nationalism within the context of Britain. I have heard about it briefly in seminars, and think it would be pretty interesting to look into further, although I’m ultimately not sure which country I would want to study yet.

  28. Hi, I’m Connor and I’m from Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Not sure what I want to do for my dissertation yet, but really enjoyed the Vikings module and I would love to learn more about Napoleon too. To be honest I didn’t mind online teaching, although in person teaching is definitely better in terms of actually learning.

  29. Hi I am Amelia and I’m from the Scottish Borders. I found online teaching difficult to engage with but it was good as it allowed my semester to be more flexible. For my dissertation I have a few ideas but I am not 100% sure on an area yet. I did however really enjoy the black people in Britain module so may go in to look at the experiences and treatment of an individual or a group who were involved the first world war and second world war.

  30. Hi I am Carmen and I’m from Sebastopol a little town in California. I had a hard time last year because of the time change, however I really liked the mixed learning online last semester. I am thinking of doing medicine in history for my dissertation but I’m not sure as to the time period yet. I was thinking early 1800s and the transition from more traditional medicine to a more standard style of care. But I would also like to look at medicine in medieval Europe and Scotland.

  31. Hello my name’s Cian and I’m from a small village in North West Wales called Llanaelhaearn, in between Caernarfon and Pwllheli. Excited to have in person learning back and getting to make a full use of the campus. I would love to get to do a dissertation on the Independent Labour Party during the inter war years and its relationship to the extra parliamentary politics of the time. Looking forward to getting stuck in!

  32. Hi I’m Lauren, and I’m from Fife. I struggled a lot with working online during the pandemic as I usually use my laptop for relaxed time as well as study which meant that I was staring at a screen for most of the day.
    I am currently thinking about doing my dissertation on herbal medicine/medical practice in the Victorian era as I have always been interested in how medicine developed over time.

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