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My first CPD

CPD engagement (eg, event, title and date; reading material; online resource).

I watched a recording of one of the Virtually Connecting sessions that ran during ALT-C 2019.

In what ways does this CPD relate to you and your context? Thinking about your students, their learning experiences, your own academic practices etc.

The session brought together different digital scholars who were able to share examples of their practice.

UKPSF dimensions (A: areas of activity, K: core knowledge and V: professional values) addressed through your engagement.

Rationale for selecting these dimensions.

  • A1: Because reasons.
  • K2: Because it sounds fun.

UKPSF Descriptors addressed (these are included in the UKPSF documentation and will form the basis of the review of your application).

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In what way did your engagement in this CPD make you think differently about your practices? Will you make changes to practice resulting from engaging with this CPD? Why?

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