Darren Morgan – annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography

I am still unsure about dissertation topic, but I am thinking about doing a topic along the lines of the the development of football from the period 1880s to start of 20th century

Primary source:

“English Football Association and Professionalism.” Edinburgh Evening News, January 20, 1885, 2. British Library Newspapers (accessed February 4, 2021). https://link-gale-com.ezproxy-s2.stir.ac.uk/apps/doc/ID3234910639/BNCN?u=unistirl&sid=BNCN&xid=3db12f1b.

This source was found through the British Library Newspaper archive, it highlights how there was a meeting between representatives of Football association and members of football clubs to discuss moving to a professional league or to maintain as an amateur league. It demonstrates the early efforts of attempting to commercialise football and how the football association were against this development and were reluctant to change. The meeting highlights certain rules for clubs and professionals. Although difficult to read, it is a very useful source that demonstrates the changing nature of amateurism to professionalism.

There is also the same account of the meeting by English newspapers but all published at different times, so I was unsure if they all regard the same meeting, or if there was a series of meetings.

Secondary source

Wigglesworth, Neil. The evolution of English sport. Psychology Press, 1996. (Access provided through Library Catalogue)

Within this book, Wigglesworth provides great insight into how sport in Britian had gone through a period of change in the second half of the nineteenth century. In particular, he illustrates through the themes of commercialisation and professionalism how football developed in the end of nineteenth century. By looking at how footballers started to receive a working wage and how football clubs began to operate as a profiting business, it provides an understanding of how this happened, and the benefits and consequences of this development.


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  1. Thanks for posting this Darren. I note that we have since decided on another topic (though Ian is right, McDowell would have been important for this topic).

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