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I am currently researching the 1st interregnum of the Scottish Wars of Independence (1286-1328). I am thinking of looking at Andrew Moray  (d.1297), the often forgotten hero of the early part of the 1st interregnum and especially The Battle of Stirling Bridge; and also William Wallace. I have a lot broader knowledge of William Wallace so this annotated bibliography will mostly be centred around him.

Blind Harry. The Wallace. 1471-79. MS. National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh. Robbins Library Digital Project.

This is a biography of William Wallace written in the form of a poem, more than 160 years after Wallace’s death. It is based on an original biography written by a close boyhood friend, John Blair. Unfortunately this original biography has been lost through time. Therefore Blind Harry’s, The Wallace, is the closest biographical source regarding William Wallace.

Bower, Walter. Scotichronicon

Scotichronicon is a 15th century chronicle written by the Scottish Historian, Walter Bower. It is a history of Scotland pre 15th century and is a follow on of the work of John of Fordun’s Chronica Gentis Scotorum. Part of Scotichronicon details Wallace’s life.

The Lubeck Letter.

This letter was written after the Battle of Stirling bridge by Wallace and Moray to the leaders in Lubeck and Hamburg detailing that Scotland was able to open up trade links again and the merchants of Hamburg and Lubeck would have access to all the ports in Scotland to trade free from English interference. This letter is one of the first sources to declare that Scotland was free from the English overlordship.

The Lanercost Chronicle

This Chronicle is from Northern English history and covers the period of 1201- 1346. It mainly covers English history but also the wars of independence; during which events including Wallace and Moray are described. Post 1297 it is assumed to have been written by a man who had a hatred of Scots and Scotland. So this needs to be taken with a view that it may be biased and not contain the truth.


Gray, D. J. William Wallace: The King’s Enemy. New York: Barnes and Noble, 1991.

This is a Biography of William Wallace which is, not only about his life, but also his legacy after his death in 1305. It goes into great depth about his life

These are all sources I have read or partly read during my time at university. Once it is safe to do so and restrictions are lifted I plan on going to archives for souces. If not, I will have to make do with online sources.


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  1. Got to be careful here – this is a topic done to death and with very limited primary source material. A more focussed regional or biographical study might be best?

    And maybe read up on Scottish chronicle sources (other than Bower)?

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