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My dissertation will focus on the impacts of conversion in Norway around the year 1000. I aim to discuss a variety of factors that ultimately caused the country to convert to Christianity. The factors I will be focusing on vary from the context of the situation in Norway and the societal, political, religious, and significant implications that caused the conversion to succeed.

Primary Sources:

Winroth, 2014, The Age of Vikings

This primary source provides extensive information on Norse religion as well as several examples of factors that contribute to the argument of how the conversion came to happen.

Anglo Saxon Chronicle

This source provides specific detail about Norse history around the time of the Norweigan conversion. Draws in several factors concerning political-religious pressure.

From Viking Stronghold to Christian Kingdom
State Formation in Norway, C. 900-1350
By Sverre Bagge · 2010
The Viking Age: A reader
Demonstrates the development of the Viking Age from the first foreign raids to the fall of empires. Also provides intensively researched information on high chieftains in Norway as well as the religious status at the time.
Morkinskinna, The Earliest Icelandic Chronicle of the Norweigan Kings (1030-1157)
This saga covers the in-depth information surrounding the high-status chieftains and kings in Norway during their reign and how their actions help influence the nation into conversion.
Secondary Sources:
Modeling religious experience in Old Norse conversion narratives: the case of Óláfr Tryggvason and Hallfreðr vandræðaskald
Abram Christopher
Both sources provide more in-depth information regarding the societal, political, and geographical factors that were happening in the country at the time.

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  1. It’s a great topic, Jordan. Please note that Anders Winroth’s book should be classified as ‘secondary’ rather than ‘primary’ literature.

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