Final Reflection- Chloe Nash

My research project is on the depiction of the enemy in propaganda in WWII, comparing Britain and Germany.

What have been the major obstacles you have faced in putting a research project together?

The most difficult thing I found when putting my research project together was figuring out what I actually wanted to study, research and write about. I had many different ideas but I couldn’t decide what one would be best. I also found it hard to get used to finding the appropriate sources and I also found it hard initially to figure out what sources were useful and good quality. After learning what websites had reliable information and sources I found it a lot easier to see what topics had enough sources and information and therefore, it was a lot easier to decide what I wanted to research and write about. I also felt anxious about writing my dissertation at the start as I found the idea of the dissertation itself daunting but after attending the classes and speaking with my supervisor I felt a lot more comfortable and I am now enjoying organising my dissertation and doing my reading for it.

What strategies have you adopted to overcome these obstacles?

One of the strategies I found that helped me overcome these obstacles was trying to plan my time equally through the semester, for example, look at when all my due dates were and schedule specific time to sit down and read and write my assignments up whilst also taking time to go a walk and take time out. I also think speaking to my supervisor helped as it allowed me to be reassured on any questions I had and also it allowed me to ask for help when I felt stuck or overwhelmed. Speaking to other students has also helped me as I can see that they either feel the same or they sometimes have answers to some of my questions. The classes each week have also helped clarify everything for me and hear other students’ opinions and questions.

What has this taught you about approaching your dissertation?

This has taught me how to plan my time out appropriately whilst not overwhelming myself with everything at once. It has also taught me to sit back and look at what I have to do and planning it in a way that allows me to meet deadlines and also take breaks to do something else to make sure it doesn’t all get too much. This has definitely helped me find a good balance. It has also taught me the importance of reading for my dissertation as I have actually enjoyed sitting down and doing the reading as all of my assignments were submitted on time.

Which aspects of the 9X6 module have been the most useful in helping you get your project ready to start?

The class each week has been really helpful as it has clarified a lot of things for me. I also find the meetings with my supervisor has helped as it allows me to ask any questions I may have. The examples my supervisor has provided of other peoples’ work has also really helped me as it has allowed me to look at what they have done and it has helped me with any worries I may have had around structuring my assignments. The module overall has really settled my mind about the dissertation and I feel like it has gave me a clear plan of what I have to do over the summer and in my dissertation on a whole.


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