Module reflection

Due to the current climate there have been several issues in regards to choosing my dissertation topic. Keeping in mind that I would have limited resources and these would be restricted to online materials this has been at the forefront of my mind whilst picking a topic. In addition, the restrictions put in place with regards to library access has prevented a private place of study that is required for high quality learning. This brings forward the obstacle of everyday home life which can often cause obstructions.


In order to overcome these obstacles i have been using a variety of the university’s materials and kept to jstor as well as online archives in order to gain as much primary insight as possible. As well as the issue of at home struggles this was dealt by with a strict routine and a private learning space.


As the pandemic has changed the course itself this has forced the way i approach university in a whole other light. However, in another way it has made the subject of the dissertation easier to narrow down as again i was limited more due to not being able to physically access materials. This has also allowed me to strip back the dissertation topic choices previously outlined.


As a whole I believe that the module has been very useful in creating the starting steps towards my final dissertation. Prior to this module the thought of starting a dissertation seemed very daunting and there was a certain type of restriction in the way in which this would have started. However this module has given me the opportunity to see the dissertation stripped back as a whole and has allowed me to take time to decided on the topic of choice and given that this module is a year before the final dissertation is due I have the chance to use the time given well.


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