Final Reflections – Antony Mcfadyen

What have been the major obstacles have you faced in putting a research project together?

One issue I faced when putting my research together was the vast amount of knowledge, I would need to sieve through to assure I found correct and relevant information for my topic.

What strategies have you developed to overcome these?

The strategies I have used to overcome the problem of an overload of sources have been to further develop my critical reading. In doing so I will be able to take a critical textual approach to my research and be able to assure the information obtained is accurate. Meeting with my supervisor to go over information would prove useful as well when facing this issue as I can question if I am going down the right route.

What has this taught you about approaching your dissertation?

This has taught me that I will need a vast number of primary and secondary sources, putting a large amount of time towards reading and analysing before sitting down to write my dissertation. I have also realised that I will need to better manage my time so to allow myself enough time to look for a suitable amount.

Which aspects of the 9X6 module have been the most useful in helping you to get your project ready to start?

I found the breaking down of the dissertation process throughout the seminars have been useful and will set me up well for approaching next year’s dissertation. The module has also highlighted how much work I will need to put in for my dissertation, especially when looking for source material. Having previous student’s work to look at and break down within seminars was also extremely useful as it would be a template for the standard and the direction our work should be going in.