About Us

Our Mission Statement!

Here at The Nova Social we are a dedicated bunch, aiming to bring you all the news and content that will keep you up to date with everything that’s happening, either locally or globally. We want to make sure you have access to content that is relevant, social, and most important to you all at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger.
We try our best to cover the content you want to hear about and we only write about topics that we believe are relevant to our readers. We want to connect with you, our audience, and provide you with stories that you want to share with other people. Although we’re a small team of 5 students, we all have different interests and specialities, so we hope to provide you with a wide range of articles that reflect this. We also want to bring you as much content as we possibly can, making sure you’re up to date on everything from the latest news and politics, culture and society, lifestyle, and sports!
Our audience is important to us, and we want to ensure that we bring you the content that you want and need, so if there’s a story you’re dying for us to cover or a message you want to spread, contact us and we’ll look into it for you!
From news stories, to our feature articles, to our self-made videos, we want it to be important and of interest to you, so we love to receive any and all feedback through comments on our website to messages via our Social Media.
Our current target audience is 18-25 years of age; however, we definitely don’t exclude anyone younger or older. In fact, we would love to include as many people as possible into The Nova Social Community. So, if there’s content you relate to, you’re more than welcome to read and comment!

Meet the Team!


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and outdoorHeather Carrick – Editor

Heather is a 21-year-old Journalism Student at Stirling with a passion for arts and culture, trashy TV and an encyclopedic knowledge of the Eurovision Song Contest. You’ll either catch her at a live music gig, a comedy club show or catching the latest films in the cinema. She loves to travel (when she can), even better to sunny Spain for a music festival. Despite working in the retail industry since she was 16, Heather’s passion lies in informing people about topics ranging from the latest pop culture phenomenons, to more hard-hitting issues that affect the life of young people.

Kaitlin Easton – Content Developer

Kaitlin is a Stirling University student studying Journalism and is currently in her final year. If she’s not on campus working on articles, then you’ll most likely find her stacking shelves or scanning veg at the local Iceland. Outside of the world of work, her main hobby is the gym – an essential remedy when working off the final year stress. Her favourite day is cardio day, and although they’re a killer – HIIT Sprints are the way forward in relieving stress. Whenever she has some spare time, she enjoys travelling home to see her cat Crystal and favourite niece – Miley the Labrador.

Talia Evans – Social Media Manager/Sub-Editor

Talia is an Undergraduate Journalism student at the University of Stirling. She’s currently in her final year of studies, preparing for her dissertation project. When she isn’t working on coursework for classes and writing articles for The Nova Social, she can be found with her head buried in a book, cat on lap, or listening to music and going to concerts with friends. She has a passion for learning languages – her current interest is Korean – discovering new bands and artists, and speaking out about matters of importance to her and her peers. She is currently working on an article about Social Media addiction and the pressures on young users.

Xavier Hatfield – Graphic Designer

As a kid I loathed reading and writing, I would do anything to avoid them. I spent hours with my game boy glued to my face, but the moment it came to reading my head hurt too much. This continued I had my first ever bout of food poisoning when, and to save you the details, I was indisposed for several hours in a room without plugs. I thought all was lost, that I was doomed to boredom until my cunning mother came in with her old worn copy of the Hobbit. Within the year I was skipping sleep to read at night, and always carried a small pad to jot down stories in. Over a decade later I’m in my final year of a journalism degree, and writing for a website set up with class mates. In the last 11 years I have lived in countless worlds, faced countless evils, and crafted my own tales. It’s a joy worth sharing.

Courtney Admans – Researcher

Courtney is an Undergraduate Film, Media and Journalism student currently studying at the University of Stirling. She is in her final undergraduate year and getting ready for her dissertation project. When not at University, in the world of work she is found at Next at Edinburgh Airport dealing with all the fashion forward men and women of the world. In her spare time she will be seen with her head in a book or attending all sorts of events from music gigs, to film showings and sporting events all around the country. Travelling and experiencing the world outside her back door are extremely important to her even if its ‘just another event’ its with a completely different atmosphere every time. Revealing a world perhaps not known to others is a key part of what makes her tick so managing to contribute to a website enables this passion and hopefully opens the eyes of others.