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‘The most important shot in golf is the next one.’

Will we be yours?


The Stirling University Golf Club (SUGC) has been a student favourite for over 30 years and with great reason.


It’s not just for those looking to be the next Jack Nicklaus or Annika Sorenstram for that matter, but also for students keen to slip into their very own pair of golfing socks (you know, the ones with the hole in one?) 


We’ll see ourselves out.. Source: Giphy

 Our tight-knit club is the perfect environment for both the seasoned player and the wary beginner, with plenty of opportunities to develop and hone your skills! There are even chances to represent the University!

Better yet?

Members get to connect and socialise with a whole new group of friends! If you’re keen for this new and exciting challenge, SUGC may well be the club for you!

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What makes you different from other clubs?

At SUGC, the importance of the team is paramount. Even though we may be standing out on the green on our own, we pride ourselves in working together,  with no man (or woman) left behind!

We currently compete in 5 teams in the BUCS leagues, with other squads for scholarships and others for those who wish to play non-competitively. We regularly compete at home matches at Alloa Golf Club, which all members have a membership to.

However, when it comes to training, all sessions are open to all members, whatever your skill level!


Smells like TEAM spirit! Source: Giphy


Regular Training Schedule

Monday to Thursday6-9PM ALL MEMBERS WELCOME – Golf Centre

We like to accommodate anyone who is willing to hone and sharpen their game, and they’re welcome to attend as many sessions as they wish. Training as a club maintains our team spirit and helps us to bond with our teammates!

We regularly update our Facebook of any additional sessions throughout the week.


But what if I’m a beginner?

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If you’re not sure if you’re more of a Happy Gilmore or a Rory Mcilroy, next week we are holding a welcome training session for those interested in learning more about the club and trying us out!



Check out our flyers around campus and see if you’re ready to hit us with your best shot!

I’m still not sure.

May or may not involve giant inflatable dinosaurs Source: Giphy


Our socials are the stuff of legends here in Stirling, we do pub golf right. (what would you expect eh?) You can anticipate monthly club-wide socials, as well as inter-team events taking place throughout the month, including anything from drinks to pizza night.






Meeting outside of the green regularly is a standard fixture for the club. We enjoy having the chance to mix with all the squads and enjoy a night off from that busy uni schedule – totally worth it after that all-day library sesh.

Not to mention a good chance to bond with your teammates, even if it is just over a slice of pizza!

Where do I sign up!?!

For membership, students must already have a sports club membership but after that, it’s only £65 for the whole year! This includes the use of Golf facilities in and around Stirling, as often as you wish.


Say whaaaaat? Source: Giphy


If you’re still looking to find out more, we’re holding welcome drinks for the new semester this Friday at the Union. Come along from 7 PM to meet the club and see what we have to offer you!

Any other questions? Feel free to hit us up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we’ll be happy to help!


TEE you soon!!


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