Marianas Trench played Glasgow Saint Luke’s Cathedral November 12th to fans from all over the world. 

The Canadian band is currently on a European tour, playing venues similar to St. Lukes across the United Kingdom, and Germany, as well as playing in Amsterdam. 

The show opens with two acts, first is DJ who gets the crowd ready to party while people filed into the venue. Next up is a Canadian band named Dirty Radio. 

Dirty Radio is a Dance-R&B band with two members, whose stage names are Shadi and Waspy. The two come from east Vancouver, and have been performing together for 10 years. 

(From left to right) Reporter Maya Reid, Fan Hannah Moore, and Dirty Radio pictured together after the show.

“I was pleasantly surprised at the set, having a dance-house genre was certainly not what I expected given the fanbase that Mariana’s Trench has. Their music was good, it made you want to move and the beat was hard to ignore,” Hannah Moore, a University of Stirling student said. 

The two command the stage, and the crowd. The band playing different music than that of the tour headliners, win the crowd over by the end of their set. After the show this is evident as fans line up to buy their merchandise, and take a photo with the band. 

After the two opening acts, Marianas Trench take the stage, playing old songs fans love, and song off their new album Phantoms. Classic fan favorite songs like Who Do You Love, Stutter, Desperate Measures and Pop 101, mixed around with new songs like Only The Lonely Survive, Elenora, and Echoes Of You keep the fans singing and dancing the entire show. 

Moore currently lives in Scotland for school, but grew up in Northern Ireland. She has been a fan of the band since her young teenage years and has remained a fan ever since. 

“I’ve followed Marianas Trench since I was 13 years old and going through my goth phase. I was interested in metal and pop punk music and following my recent trip to Canada, I wanted to follow more Canadian bands, so gave their album ‘Masterpiece Theater’ a listen. I was totally drawn into their music, being able to associate their lyrics with my life and experiences I was having as a young teenager,” Moore said.

The Canadian band attracted not only local fans to the concert, but long-term Canadian fans as well.

Marianas Trench during the opening song.

“I’ve been a fan since middle school I’d say, probably around 8 years now! I remember when Haven’t Had Enough came out and I was absolutely obsessed with the music video” Shannen Krost said. Krost is a third year Canadian exchange student from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, who is currently studying at the University of Strathclyde.

“My best friend sent me one of their Instagram posts for their tour dates and so we rounded up song friend and booked tickets from there,” she added, “

they played at my university frosh week concert last year but sadly it was only for first years so this was my first time seeing them live.” Krost said of how she found out about the show. 

Moore found the show in a similar way, “I was scrolling through Facebook and seen their gig advertised on page that I follow, GigsInScotland. I was very excited to finally see one of the bands that sculpted my current music taste and immediately bought tickets.”

“I haven’t seen them live before, and I’m glad I hadn’t yet. Now that I’m older and I have a broader music taste, I was transported back to happy times in my bedroom and nostalgic moments whilst singing my heart out at my teenage heart-throbs,” Moore said of seeing Marianas Trench for the first time. 

Krost also got her friend a unique souvenir, “I also managed to grab Josh Ramsey’s guitar pick for my friend.” 

In true rockstar fashion, lead singer Josh Ramsey, as well as the other band members, threw some guitar picks they had used during the show out into the crowd after their last song, as well as their set list.